Experience the Power of Muscle Tuning. During this 90 minute workshop participate in activities that consistently result in less pain/discomfort, greater strength, flexibility, range of motion. Gain valuable and easy-to-apply techniques you can offer at home or at your workplace. Learn how to:

  • Improve any type of therapy or fitness activity 
  • Engage the parasympathetic nervous system for greater and faster response to bodywork and therapy
  • Support the body's meridian flow and organ function without acupuncture needles

Plus you'll get:

  • Instruction on performing Neuro-Lymphatic technique to reset eight key muscles
  • Instruction on applying Origin / Insertion technique for old injuries or chronic issues
  • Opportunity to ask questions 
  • 8 page PDF to refer to all the techniques that were demonstrated
  • Replay link accessible for 30 days in case you cannot attend live and to provide everyone the convenience to review all the juicy practical techniques at their leisure.

This event will take place December 5, 2022 at:
11:30 am Pacific Time (Vancouver, Canada / Los Angeles, USA)
2:30 pm Eastern Time (Toronto, Canada  / New York, USA)
7:30 pm UK Time (Dublin, Ireland).

Zero equipment required. Bring water. This will be fun!


About your facilitator:

I love making bioenergetic wellness concepts as easy as possible to learn, understand and apply.
With the equivalent of a university degree in this field, international qualifications to teach along with 20+ years of clinical experience, I've created a proprietary system called Muscle Tuning.
Because I wish to help as many individuals as possible rapidly release pain and increase strength, flexibility and physical potential I created this system to complement the work of any physical-based therapist, body worker, fitness trainer and energy healer.
I help them grow their business and distinguish themselves as efficient and effective solution providers by marketing themselves as licensed Muscle Tuner® Specialists.
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