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These recordings reflect the authentic me sharing my perspective on maintaining or improving wellness, self-care, preventing injury, recovering from injury, increasing strength /flexibility / range of motion, reducing stress and reaching physical and other goals more easily. Quite a nice collection even if I do say so myself!

If you like to consume information by listening or watching... here are some treats for you:


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Pain - More Pressure Than You Think

muscle testing pain Oct 15, 2022

The body is an absolute marvel of engineering. This article will discuss perspectives for pain management that also contribute to improved posture, physical movement, and general wellness.

Acupuncture is well known for treating pain. This approach is different from traditional western medicine as it embraces working with the body’s subtle-energetic patterns (‘chi’ flow). This art considers factors from areas at a distance from the pain and takes into account each individual’s unique blueprint when mapping their plan of care.

Meridian pathways move ‘chi’ throughout the body and follow the network of fascia. Modalities that focus on releasing fascial tension are also popular for reducing pain. However, when users of such systems focus just around the area of pain, relief is usually short-lived. 

‘Chi’ energy flows along microscopic channels throughout the body. This has been scientifically proven with radioactive studies. Each...

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3 Ways Muscles Support Digestion

Uncategorized Jun 02, 2022

Every single muscle of the body affects functions of your organs and glands. Read through till the end because I will share a brief powerful activity that supports vibrant health.

  1. Moms tell us to “take time to chew your food” Chewing thoroughly is an important chemical / mechanical process that stimulates saliva which is essential for the digestive process and breaks down food into smaller particles so that it doesn’t putrefy in the digestive tract. Using our jaw muscles longer before swallowing each bite helps prevent several degenerative health issues.

  2. Muscles function best in proper harmony with one another which allows us to stand and move easily. When muscles aren't communicating well they cause tension and pain and cause the body to lean, twist, tilt or slump. Having good posture allows internal organs to work without any pressure caused by twisting or slumping of the body.

    Imagine being a stomach. How would you like to do your job...
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Healing Can Happen Anywhere!


One of the things students often hear me say is that “healing can happen anywhere”.

The image above is me working on someone in a gym. This system requires no equipment so Muscle Tuning™ can just as easily be offered at someone’s residence or office, and if you click the play button, you will see another woman's video describing the dramatic change she enjoyed as a result of a conversation we had while I was out for a walk.


I was chatting with her on the phone after I had seen a post about her new kayak. That's when she mentioned that she had a fear of water. Wow. I stopped in my tracks at the park and asked if I could help with that.

She agreed so I led her through the process which took about 4 minutes. It was simple to coach Alison in our proprietary Dynamic Emotional Alignment Reset™ (DEAR) Technique to release trapped emotional stress and she said she already felt much less scared about going out in her...

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You Have Emotional Reset Buttons

better sleep self-care tips May 23, 2022

Have you ever gotten stressed and fallen into an unproductive or ugly emotional state? Stress causes your ‘dinosaur-brain’ to trigger behaviours that are not very resourceful. Once you’ve gotten there, it can be difficult to have a productive day or regain your sense of calmness and control.

There is something you can do that activates your emotional reset buttons. The following approach is a general overall method to use when you realize you are experiencing emotional stress and it consistently works like magic. Let me show you how simple it is to release stress and light up your frontal cortex so that you can feel better, solve challenges more easily and make better decisions.

This activity utilizes certain acupressure points which literally act as emotional pressure release valves in order to reduce the amount of time stress hormones circulate through your body causing uncomfortable feelings.

Have you ever noticed when someone is stressed they...

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3 Little-Known Ways That Muscles Affect Organs (and Glands)

Would it surprise you to learn that every single one of your muscles communicate to your organs and glands? This occurs in part via subtle energetic channels called Meridians and little-known reflexes that connect the nervous system with the lymphatic or vascular structures that flow through the organs. Many therapists are unaware that impaired function of these affects organ and muscle function.

  1. Acupuncture works with tiny points located on energetic pathways called Meridians. These pathways support bodies with subtle energy called Ch’i which has been studied for thousands of years. The presence of Meridians has been confirmed by several Western experiments involving injection of radioactive-isotopes that follow predictable patterns of flow throughout the body.

Beginning in the 1960s chiropractor Dr. George Goodheart Jr. sometimes obtained unexpected results from contacting the body in specific ways and ‘accidentally’...

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Your Body Has Reset Buttons

Because the body is electrical in nature, the nervous system will often pop a ‘circuit-breaker’ when there has been over-use, injury or chronic stress causing a muscle or series of muscles to stop working optimally. Knowing where the reset buttons are to restore the energy flow can be a game-changer.

If you are a therapist who isn’t aware of this circuitry, you may fail to permanently resolve physical issues because few or no messages are getting to the tissues that are in trouble because neurological messages aren’t being delivered and affected areas cannot respond appropriately.

For individuals who practice manual muscle testing these areas are easy to identify. The process basically involves positioning a limb in a certain manner to isolate a contracted muscle and then attempting to push it along its range of motion while asking the client to keep their limb at the start position. When neurological signalling has been disrupted, the limb will not...

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Why is This Method So Fast?


Sometimes an injury is slow to heal and it takes longer for your client to recover than you would like. Maybe you have noticed a body part doesn’t function as well as it did before a strain or an accident has occurred.

Time and a conventional approach to therapy doesn’t always work. If this is the case, you need a different strategy so that clients achieve the results they want sooner.

It may interest you to know that in about 60-90 minutes over 50 muscles from head to foot can be checked to see if they are communicating with the brain optimally, along with resetting any that need to be tuned up. It’s wonderful to find and fix troubled muscles before your clients bend down to pick up a proverbial paperclip and ‘suddenly’ can’t get up again.

Because the body is electrical in nature, when there has been over-use, a strain, or other injury, the nervous system will often pop a ‘circuit-breaker’. Numerous muscles may seem...

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Hate Exercise? Change The Tune!

It's January and a lot of individuals are on an exercise kick, aren't they? Where will they be in February? You and I know that many of them will be frustrated, in pain and giving up.

The average person is doing the exercise thing backwards because they are Exercising to Tune Up their muscles in order to get stronger and develop better muscle tone. What if they Tuned Up Their Muscles BEFORE Exercising? 

Regardless of age, some of your muscles have 'checked out' because of over-use or injury and are not pulling their share of the weight. This causes other muscles to do the work of their neighbours. If several leg muscles aren't working properly for example, one may be at risk of a knee injury, an ankle sprain, or an unexpected fall. In addition, the muscles that are doing all the extra work get annoyed and will often communicate their displeasure with pain signals. Common pain relief methods won't last very long if this is the case. This...

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7 Ways to Increase Your Productivity

tips Apr 15, 2021

Someone recently  asked me how I seem to show up happy, stay organized, and get things done. I realized there are 7 top things that contribute to my being able to achieve that pretty regularly:

  1. Waking up with gratitude to have at least one meaningful purpose for living today.

Appreciation and gratitude are powerful sources of energy. Having a purpose helps in completing things you start. 

  1. Regular meditative activities and increasing my positive state

Many successful and happy people encourage us to take time for meditation. There are many forms of meditation. Explore, experiment and find a method that helps still your mind and access your innate talents.

In addition to meditation, I regularly take time to notice my ‘state’. I have learned a few ways to reduce negative states and nourish a positive state. I ensure I begin each day with an activity specifically intended to boost me up, put a spring in my step and add a sincerely happy lilt to my...

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