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Immune Boosting Activity


IT’S A HOT TOPIC RIGHT NOW… WHAT CAN WE DO TO SUPPORT OUR IMMUNE SYSTEM?  Especially now that many of our kids are going back to school. 

Let’s do something that helps our focus and concentration. These particular movements also reduce stress, move your blood and increase your breathing rate. These effects help support your immune system!

Performing this activity (without the cute music) also helps you achieve other goals. It is one of the many activities we share in our Win The Pain Game Program.

You can perform this activity anytime, while focussing on any short, positively-worded goal statement for about three minutes. It’s great to do without music or with some instrumental music playing quietly in the background so that you can focus on your goal.

In this video, Denise plays some music that delivers a message that encourages our immune systems to function well. She has performed bioenergetic wellness testing (formerly known as muscle-testing) on several people before, and again after, performing the activity that she demonstrates. Doing the activity neutralized general stress related to maintaining a healthy immune system every single time.

We don’t know who to attribute the song to, however it’s been around for many years. This fun, friendly music can be found on YouTube: Search for Karl Anthony and "Every Little Cell"  (look for the one with a white background with primary coloured drawing):


Play it and perform this activity daily with all your loved ones.

The information shared on this video is meant to be used for families with kids who are looking for new activities to do during these challenging times. It is childlike on purpose, and we are inviting you to have some healthy fun.

If you can’t stand and perform the movements easily without falling over, you can do them seated. It will work as long as you make a good effort to move your shoulder and opposite hip at the same time. 

Make sure there is room for everyone to swing their arms. It is most effective to move purposefully and fairly slowly.

Listen to the words – which allows the conscious and unconscious mind to connect and integrate and work towards the positive thoughts you are focusing on. Sing along!


“Every little cell in my body is happy,

every little cell in my body is well.

Every little cell in my body is happy,

every little cell in my body is well.

I’m so glad every little cell … in my body is happy and well.

I’m so glad every little cell…  in my body is happy and well.”

When you get good at that activity, you can turbo-charge it by having your eyes move into different positions while keeping your face still. If it’s hard to have your eyes move this way … imagine having them trace the corners of a box. It's beneficial to reverse the action and allow your eyes to go in the opposite direction. Do this slowly, because if you do it fast, you’ll get dizzy!

We like to also mention Allison Davies with her video called: Every Little Cell in My Body is Happy and Well" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IE6jnezy1MU

Here is the link to the video where she sings the melody over and over: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_2moJgkauM&t=517s

Ms. Davies explains that just by singing it over and over, it helps the nervous system to regulate. She also mentions elements of music like melody, rhythm and repetition are key to activating positive brain function. 

She says: "a spoken mantra is powerful, and a sung mantra is like a mantra on steroids". This activity helps lower respiratory rate, and the act of singing is a form of controlled breathing which helps several things, including reducing anxiety, increasing oxygenation, blood circulation. Repetition offers brain predictability – anything that creates this, assists our brain to feel calm and in control and gets it out of survival mode. This creates a sense of safety.

Any repetitively sung lyric can also work to reduce stress.

Remember to do this activity regularly.

We invite you to "Be Strong. Be Confident. Be Tuned."

by Denise Cambiotti 
© 2020  Muscle Tuners International Inc.

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