New Muscle Tuner® Specialist Hosts Successful Demo

It was another proud day when one of our graduates joined a regularly scheduled Zoom conference support call to report how things went for her at a recent demonstration event she hosted.

She told us she arranged to use some meeting space at a local gym and distributed posters around town, posted on social media and sent out personal invitations.

She shared with us the fear she had had about whether she could offer demonstrable changes in the short time allotted for each attendee.

How Did the Demo Go?

She was delighted to have very positive results with every volunteer! For example, two people with considerable pain felt a reduction in discomfort ranging from ‘almost all’ to ‘completely gone’. Another person had an old injury that required her to re-learn how to walk. The crowd and the young woman noticed that she was already walking better after a few Gait Mechanism Reflexes were reset. Another volunteer later had a regular follow up osteopathic appointment and her doctor reported being able to access the vertebral discs for the first time. This volunteer was quick to contact Alison to let her know about her positive change.

Alison spent about ten to fifteen minutes with each person utilizing various techniques from our program after taking a measurement of pain, discomfort, or range of motion either in limbs or bending.

At the beginning, all of the participants performed some of our very basic Pre-Tuning™ activities and they all noticed less discomfort immediately. She tested a few key muscles and performed the Circuit Breaker Reset on a few others (download our Energy Boost Five Free Tips on our homepage).

One of the volunteers had arthritic knees and the doctors had begun suggesting exploratory surgery to go in and clean the areas up. Doing the Pre-Tuning activities made a difference in her pain level, and then the Neurolymphatic Reflexes on the inside and outside of her legs were activated. Fourteen days later, this volunteer still has no pain in her knees!


A sure sign of success is when people place their money on the table. Two participants were so impressed they booked and pre-paid for four full sessions!

How To Contact:

Way to go Alison Zeidler! She runs Elemental Holistic Therapies in Whitehorse, Yukon and can be contacted at: [email protected]

- Denise Cambiotti
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