No Pain After Waterskiing....WHAT?!!?



I went to camp (cabin, cottage) near Sault Ste. Marie and had a wonderful time playing in the water among other things. I had not skied for 4 summers and was excited to go!  I LOVE water skiing!

It was overcast and the 3-mile lake was calm. I skied almost to the end of it on the first day!  We passed 2 fishing boats and I was in heaven with the wind in my hair and the water under my skis.

What happened on Day 2?

The next day I skied again the boat pulled me up easily today. The real story is not that I skied, nor that I did so two days in a row, but it is about what happened on day three! Or should I say what did NOT happen on Day 3.  My body was NOT sore! I mean I could tell that I exerted myself more than usual, but I had no pain while walking, squatting, touching my toes; moving my arms holding onto things with my hands; my stomach was not even sore!  My body did not seize up on me, it was as if I had not skied at all and I was amazed!

How Did I Avoid Pain?

Some of you know that I have been using Touch for Health techniques for years and within the last year, I started doing a daily routine using Muscle Tuner™ Techniques called Energy Booster Self-Care Series. So far there are 15 techniques posted online.   5 FREE tips and Energy Boost10™ has 10 more for $22CND.  I don’t do all of them every day but I do at least 4: ‘Power on Your Brain’, ‘Circuit Breaker Reset’ and ‘Dynamic Tissue Reset™’.  I also rub the ‘Gait Points’ on my feet.  I do not have a fitness training routine, nor do I exert myself rigorously. I walk for 20-30 minutes at a moderate pace and about 3 times per week. I don’t lift weights or do sit-ups or push-ups on a regular basis at this time. I simply do the 3 Energy Boosters daily. They also serve to connect my Body and Brain circuitry!  Is adding some Energy Booster techniques the new way to maintain a decent fitness level?  If I only did ‘Power on Your Brain’ and ‘Circuit Breaker Reset’, would that be enough?  #TIP

You can do it too and help me decide!

If you want to add something that is not physical exercise to your daily routine and observe more flexibility and less muscle pain after exertion, I invite you to download the 5 Free Energy Boosters and Energy Boost10™.  Let me know what happens after a week of you performing the Energy Boosters. Email me at [email protected]

Heather Phillips, HBPE 

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