Once at the TOP the scenery was….BREATHTAKING

demonstrations Aug 29, 2018

While on holidays and on a road trip from the Lower Mainland to the 'End of the Road' in Keno City, Yukon in August, Denise found several people from Whitehorse, Mayo, and Keno City interested in her new business and willing to experience a demonstration.  

Her willing participants were school chums, hotel operators, 20+-year-olds going to post-secondary schools for sports sciences, a gym manager, a retired miner, a retired RCMP officer, a schoolteacher, a government negotiator, and even a visiting physiotherapist from Ontario!  All of these people found their experience to be 'impressive' and one remarked 'why haven't I heard about this yet???!!!!'. That young man was visiting home during summer break from university in Victoria and both he and the physiotherapist were very pleased to learn that the majority of our Program can be taken online at their own pace.

One of our Muscle Tuner® Specialists, Alison Zeidler, lives in Whitehorse so Denise left Alison's contact information with a few people wanting to book full sessions. We know they will be in good hands with her. Too bad Denise didn't get someone with a camera to take a few shots during the demos but she will always remember the look on one young man's face when he doubled his reps on pull-ups after she tuned-up just three muscles (pectoralis major clavicular, pectoralis major sternal, latissimus dorsi). 

A portion of the hike up Sourdough Hill in Keno City was spent explaining the benefits we offer our students and graduates to someone very interested in our business model.

Once at the TOP the scenery was….BREATHTAKING!  

Denise Cambiotti
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