What's This Company About?

We Realize Potential by training Muscle Tuner® Specialists who acquire skills that promote career satisfaction, professional recognition and client loyalty. These Specialists are like electricians, lighting up muscle/brain connections and optimizing muscle function. Switching on muscles is fast and can be offered at any venue. Specialists support their client’s varying needs ranging from breaking past fitness or rehabilitation plateaus to releasing mental barriers to success. They assist with increasing strength, range of motion, flexibility and reducing discomfort. Clients feel impressed with their rapid improvements.

Muscle Tuner™ Specialist is a new career category in personal wellness services. We support participants 100% during their training AND we continue to support them afterward. 

What’s Our Story?

Heather was just 20 when she had spinal fusion surgery due to a birth defect and which worsened by her athletic lifestyle but was unknown to her until she was 19. During her recovery process, she experienced more and a different type of pain. After six months in a back brace and the doctors wanting to do exploratory surgery, she remembers proclaiming: “There’s got to be a better way!”  She then visited a doctor who re-patterned the communication between her muscles and the results were amazing! The Pain Was Gone! This inspired her to become an instructor of muscle testing and taught nurses how to perform Touch for Health®. In university, her thesis was: “Touch for Health® Strengthens Muscles”. Under the Muscle Tuner International umbrella, she has created the Energy Boost Self-Care Facilitator Program because she is passionate that anybody can learn techniques they can perform themselves that help lead a pain-free and energized life. She has envisioned creating a business-in-a-box that allows caring people to take this information and present it during speaking engagements in their communities. 

As for Denise, in her 20’s, she also discovered there was an effective way to achieve greater results. After four months at the gym, she had progressed with all exercises except for sit-ups; her limit was 20.  She was discouraged and complained to her chiropractor who did muscle testing. He simply rubbed an area on her back and said ‘You’ll be better now.’ At the next gym visit, she comfortably did 100 sit-ups! This impressed her so much that it led her to study Touch for Health® which educated her how to activate specific reflexes to strengthen muscles for herself and others. She has shared this remarkable experience in her clinical practice, has taught it to her students and has completed extensive additional studies so that she would have several ways to help others realize their goals more easily.

Since 2000, Denise has utilized manual muscle testing to assess the function of 14 - 52 muscles. First-time clients typically have problems with 40% of their muscles. These are working more optimally by the end of a single session because Muscle Tuning reconnects electrical circuits which allows people to function with greater strength and confidence.

Heather and Denise met at a conference and realized they shared the same passion so they partnered in the development of a system that is efficient, effective, convenient to learn, practical to use and completely mobile. The Muscle Tuner® Specialist Program offers wellness professionals a blend of historic and newly created processes that can add to their popularity. This program is even robust enough to launch a new career. 

These women recognized the value of trademarking this term:  'Muscle Tuner' Specialist. It is now registered in Canada and is in the final phase of registration in the USA.  When one introduces themselves with this title, it makes a prospect pause for a moment to digest the idea of this categorically different personal wellness service. They are quickly able to grasp the concept of 'Muscle Tuning' and typically ask questions about the service, making it far easier to market oneself. 

How is This Training Delivered?

We chose to present our foundational training virtually instead of relying solely on live workshops. We add value by coaching participants during optional bi-monthly online video forums. Online modules are intended to be followed up with an in-person seminar. Everyone who attends can refine skills by demonstrating the protocols while we coach them towards proficiency. This combined style of delivery is thorough, convenient and saves on expenses of time and travel.

Each seminar is highly valued because we provide extra content based on participant input. They love personalized attention and the generous sharing of our combined 50+ years of expertise which supports them in their career and personal growth. 

What Could You Expect?

Denise and Heather are proud to share knowledge that leads to a license to market oneself as a Muscle Tuner® Specialist, or an Energy Boost Self Care Facilitator and initiate profound differences in people’s lives. 

Even if you haven’t any experience in this type of modality yet, you can get results like Donna, who reported she successfully performed Muscle Tuning for a long-distance cyclist while working on the online portion of our Specialist Program.

By studying Muscle Tuning even seasoned colleagues with muscle testing skills have deepened their understanding and refined their technique. They report utilizing more aspects of their prior education because Muscle Tuners International has simplified and de-mystified key concepts

I love the Muscle Tuner™ Specialist Program. Everything has been so easy to use and follow. Love that you can go back and re-watch anything that you may have missed or need extra help with. 
– D. Armenio

Is This for You?

Our trainings are robust enough to launch a new career and are for anyone interested in adding a new stream of revenue by offering pivotal wellness services that are safe and non-invasive. The Muscle Tuning System in particular, is a natural addition for wellness professionals such as: massage therapists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, kinesiologists, acupuncturists, reflexologists and fitness trainers. All will gain popularity and client loyalty.

  • Want to be categorically differentin the health and wellness space?
  • Would you value a marketable titleto describe what you do?
  • Do you want to grow a loyal client base?
  • Would it interest you that your clients notice immediate impact?
  • Are you ready for methods that develop strength, flexibility and vitality faster than ever?


By doing daily Self Care and Vitality Exercises yourself you can accomplish more, feel more energy and feel happier.
By Switching-On Muscles First, day-to-day movements are easier and activities are more productive. Once muscles are coordinated people have the freedom to Realize Their Potential.

How Do I Join This Community?

Muscle Tuner Specialist
We have ongoing registration for the online portion of this program and live events are currently scheduled for mid-March and early May in the Lower Mainland of BC. Additional seminars this year will take place in Southern Ontario as well as Florida. We are planning to offer events in Alberta. Connect with us today so you have time to prepare to join us!

Energy Boost Self Care Facilitator
We also have ongoing registration for this program. Heather is currently developing a modular virtual online presentation format. Check it out with her!

Questions: [email protected]

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Be Strong. Be Confident. Be Tuned!

- by Denise Cambiotti 
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