Seeking a Different Approach to Solving Pain, Restricted Range of Motion and Lack of Strength Development?


When you register for the Introductory Event below,  you will learn that our program complements what you're already doing, and provides solutions that will transform your business.  

- Your clients will instantly notice improved strength and flexibility.
- They will be telling their friends to meet you and ‘feel it to believe it!’
- Together you'll notice more durable results.
- You'll accomplish more with less effort ... and it's not hard on your body.
- Perform this as a mobile service, it's not limited to your office space.
- You will go home satisfied that you have significantly helped your clients in achieving more confidence and freedom to do the things they love. 
- You will be gratified that you’re also affecting your client's families and community because they’ll be functioning at a higher level.

and because of all this... your bottom line will grow.


"We know nearly every body can be stronger, more flexible
and have less pain, and to do so faster than one might imagine!

Discover how to perform muscle monitoring and instantly Tune-Up a few muscles.

Experience for yourself how this technology works.

Get to know more about us and this system.

Intended for Health and Wellness Professionals

Location: Zoom Video Conference


Yes  -  it's absolutely FREE.

No   -  there is no pressure or obligation to purchase the program. Our mission is to demonstrate this hands-on technology exists and that it is easy to perform. We want you to have an opportunity to 'test drive' some of the material so you can evaluate whether this Program is a good fit for your business.

Yes  - please  take and use the information you've learned. Discover how our technology helps bodies function better, faster than you'd otherwise expect. 

Yes  -  we will briefly touch upon the business opportunity that our technology offers at the end of the presentation and no sales will be conducted at the event. Interested parties will be invited to a consultation so that we can find out if our Program could help increase your bottom line, productivity, and referrals plus improve your job satisfaction.

'Virtual Tuesday'
every 2nd Tuesday
9:00 am P.S.T.

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'Virtual Thursday'
every 4th Thursday 
9:00 am P.S.T.

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