Muscle Tuning™ Introductory Event

"“I highly recommend this Training to anyone interested in both assisting people to achieve their personal best and/or over-coming many chronic problems. The satisfaction and joy you feel as you see clients fully experience their true potential makes this work so fulfilling, you can hardly call it work!” "

Dr. Charles T. Krebs, Researcher-Harvard Medical School, Founder of the Life Enhancement Acupressure Protocols, Author of three books and International lecturer in Neurology and Alternative Therapies

Intro to Muscle Tuning

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You will receive information on techniques that you can use right away to improve body/brain connections and increase flexibility.
Plus, practical information about muscle testing and 'Muscle Tuning' will be shared.

This is a 75 minute virtual event held over Zoom
every 2nd Tuesday of the month.


Meet Your Facilitator

:Denise Cambiotti trains and supports those who are keen to help others release pain and regain or develop strength and flexibility.  She has distilled key techniques from over 2600 hours of bioenergetic wellness trainings and counlless hours of practice so that people like you can quickly add valuable and effective skills to your current business.
She has run a clinic since year 2000 and is internationally certified to teach numerous programs that use muscle monitoring to improve wellness and vitality.

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