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The online component provides you with all the visual materials and group coaching you require to succeed in offering effective sessions. The online modules are conveniently chunked and can be completed at your own pace. We request you complete this portion within a year of registration, though it normally takes approximately 24 hours to finish.

Each clear, professionally produced video is accompanied by our full colour manual, downloadable summary notes and short module assessments.

Included are assignments to anchor your learning.

Plus, we offer three regular monthly 'Office Hours' video conference calls with our lead instructor as part of the package, if you wish to access this optional interactive delivery of content. 


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When you're ready for us to check out your competency, book a Practical Assessment which is a 2 hour meeting by appointment. Pass this practical assessment and you will receive a link to take the written assessment to qualify for the right to call yourself a Muscle Tuner® Specialist.

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Muscle Tuner® Specialist Foundations Manual Outline

Created by Denise Cambiotti & Heather Phillips, HBPE

Contents of our Foundations Manual:


History and Recognition

About the Authors

Research Notes

Introduction and Workshop Overview

List of Pre-Tuning™ Techniques, Corrective Techniques and Protocols

Some Meridian Theory

Professional Touch and Manner

Client Education Procedure

Pre-Tuning™ Technique #1 – Stress Detector Muscle Integrity

     If you question the test response

Pre-Tuning™ Technique #2 - Main Three Brain Pathways Communication

     Correction Point Locating (CPL) Technique

Pre-Tuning™ Technique #3 - Main Energy Channel Flow

Pre-Tuning™ Technique #4 - Hydration Check

Pre-Tuning™ Technique #5 – Polarity and Ionization

Measure Something

Subjective Evaluations

Pre & Post Challenges

Corrective Techniques

     Spinal Reflex Technique

     Dynamic Tissue Reset™ Technique for UNDER-FACILITATION

     Dynamic Tissue Reset™ Technique for OVER-FACILITATION

     Neuro Lymphatic Reflex Technique

     Neuro Lymphatic Massage Protocol.

     Neuro Vascular Reflex Technique

     Origin / Insertion Reset Technique.

     Spindle Cells and Golgi Tendon Reset Technique

Evaluative Tools in the Muscle Tuner™ Program:

Techniques and Protocols

     Information Retaining Mode

     Reactive Muscle Reset Technique

     Gait Mechanism Reset

     Dynamic Tissue Reset™ Cycle.

     Dynamic Emotional Alignment Reset (D.E.A.R.)™ Technique.

We Work with Body Energies

Precautions About Testing

Muscle Tuning™ Protocol.

The 52 Muscles of the Foundations Level - listed in Alphabetical Order

The 52 Muscles of the Foundations Level - listed in Sequence Order

     Supraspinatus – Central Meridian.

     Anterior Deltoid – Gall Bladder Meridian

     Middle Trapezius – Spleen Meridian.

     Lower Trapezius – Spleen Meridian.

     Anterior Serratus – Lung Meridian.

     Pectoralis Major Sternal - Liver Meridian.

     Pectoralis Major Clavicular – Stomach Meridian.

     Latissimus Dorsi – Spleen Meridian

     Subscapularis – Heart Meridian

     Teres Minor – Triple Warmer Meridian

     Teres Major – Governing Meridian

     Abdominals, Rectus – Small Intestine Meridian

     Abdominals, Transverse – Small Intestine MeridianAbdominals, Obliques – Small Intestine Meridian

     Pyramidalis- Small Intestine Meridian

     Quadriceps, Rectus Femoris – Small Intestine Meridian

     Quadriceps, Vastus Intermedius – Small Intestine Meridian

     Quadriceps, Vastus Lateralis – Small Intestine Meridian

     Quadriceps, Vastus Medialis – Small Intestine Meridian

     Hamstrings Group – Large Intestine Meridian

     Hamstrings, Medial – Large Intestine Meridian

     Hamstrings, Lateral – Large Intestine Meridian

     Gluteus Medius – PericardiumMeridian

     Adductors – Pericardium Meridian

     Psoas – Kidney Meridian

     Tensor Fascia Lata – Large Intestine Meridian

     Sartorius – Triple Warmer Meridian

     Peroneus Tertius – Bladder Meridian

     Anterior Neck Flexors – Stomach Meridian

     Posterior Neck Extensors – Stomach Meridian.

     Upper Trapezius - Kidney Meridian

     Middle Deltoid – Lung Meridian

     Posterior Deltoid – Lung Meridian

     Pectoralis Minor – Stomach Meridian.

     Rhomboids – Liver Meridian     

     Levator Scapula  – Stomach Meridian

     Infraspinatus – Triple Warmer Meridian

     Brachioradialis – Stomach Meridian

     Coracobrachialis – Lung Meridian

     Triceps – Spleen Meridian

     Biceps – Stomach Meridian.

     Quadratus Lumborum – Large Intestine Meridian.

     Sacrospinalis – Bladder Meridian

     Gluteus Maximus – Pericardium Meridian

     Iliacus – Kidney Meridian

     Piriformis – Pericardium Meridian

     Popliteus – Gall Bladder Meridian

     Gracilis – Triple Warmer Meridian

     Gastrocnemius – Triple Warmer Meridian.

     Soleus - Triple Warmer Meridian

     Posterior Tibialis – Bladder Meridian

     Anterior Tibialis – Bladder Meridian

Definition of Terms Utilized in this Workshop




The contents of this training program are not intended as a substitute for evaluation by a trained professional. Neither the publisher, authors or Muscle Tuners International Inc. (MTI Inc.) are rendering any type of psychological, legal or medical advice. No warranties or guarantees are expressed or implied. The manual for this program is intended to be utilized in conjunction with training workshops conducted by MTI Inc. trainers from MTI Inc. Any activity arising from information contained in this training manual is at your own risk.


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