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"Oh, my goodness I love Muscle Tuning! I am so excited to be making such an incredible difference in people’s lives. I must tell you about my experience while working on my friend recently. She was emotionally crushed by deception. She had not slept in three days. She had never experienced Muscle Tuning™ before so this was completely new to her.
I proceeded to do the Primary Muscle Tuning™. For each of the muscles that were switched off on one side or the other, her body wanted the Dynamic Tissue Reset™ (DTR)! Each of her muscles tested strong following the DTR™. I love, love, love what you both created. This is magnificent, correcting both over and under energy! Absolutely incredible!!!!
I completed the 28 Primary Muscle Tuning™ Sequence. I asked her how she felt. She looked completely wiped out, but her eyes were soft and had a sparkle back in them. She said, she was completely relaxed, and she felt like she could just go to sleep for the rest of the day. She was completely calm. When I asked her to give me a number on how she felt about the deception, she looked at me and said, “It is not present at all.” She gave it a zero! She went from a 10 all the way down to a zero with a Primary Muscle Tuning™!
I have tears in my eyes as I write this knowing that we are able to help people move through incredible pain to a place of peace; completely letting go of the stuff that is “crippling” them. I am completely aware that I am simply the facilitator. God is doing the healing and my customer is doing all the work. I am just merely a helper with an amazing process that helps them work through their “stuff”.
I will be forever grateful for these amazing tools! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful process!"
Sue Trefethren, Agape Wellness LLC, Appleton, WI


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