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Events & Seminars



You can instantly Tune-Up muscles by activating reflexes!
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Introduction to Muscle Tuning™  border of Burnaby/Coquitlam, BC Sat, July 13, 2019 - 10:00 -12:30 pm.



Customers who have completed online studies may choose to attend one of the following:

2019, Sept 20-23, Kitchener, ON
2019, Oct 25-28, Vancouver, BC
2019, Nov 12-15, Naples, FLORIDA
More dates To Be Announced!

You are given 365 days from registering for your program to:

  • fully complete all portions of the online program,
  • receive group coaching via online video conferences, 
  • attend a seminar to practice the ART of Muscle Tuning™,
  • have a competency assessment performed,
  • qualify to obtain a trademark license to call yourself a Muscle Tuner™ Specialist!

You are eligible to attend the live in-person seminar once you have
completed all the online components which include:

  • watching videos of all the theory and demonstrations
  • following along with a full colour manual
  • downloading and reading helpful summaries;
  • completing review quizzes; 
  • and getting in some practice as outlined in 8 assignments,

Most people invest between 16 - 24 hours to complete the home-based study portion before attending the 3.5 day live event.

Space will be limited at each event. PLEASE plan ahead to access your first choice and be sure to notify us if you will not be able to attend an event you have registered for. 

It's your responsibility to complete the online and in-person portion within 365 days of your registration in order to qualify for the trademark license. Extensions can be made available for an additional fee. Attendance to audit another event are available, space permitting, for an additional fee.