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"We know nearly every body can be stronger, more flexible and have less pain, and to do so faster than one might imagine!"

Discover how to perform some basic manual muscle testing and how to instantly Tune-Up a few muscles by activating specific reflexes. Experience for yourself how this technology works. Would you like to know more about us and the process before deciding to purchase the program?

Intended for Health and Wellness Professionals
Events are now online every second Tuesday and every fourth Thursday of the month.
These events are not at all salesy. We share a lot of information that you can use right away with your clientele.
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Location: Zoom Video Conference

It's absolutely FREE.
There is no pressure or obligation to purchase the program. Our mission is to demonstrate this hands-on technology exists and that it is easy to perform. We want you to have an opportunity to 'test drive' some of the material so you can evaluate whether this Program is a good fit for your business.
We will briefly touch upon the business opportunity that our technology offers at the end of the event and no sales will be conducted at the event. Interested parties will be invited to meet afterward so that we can find out if our Program could help increase their bottom line, productivity, and referrals plus improve job satisfaction.
You are expected to take and practice the information to discover how our technology helps bodies function better, faster than you'd otherwise expect. 

Heather runs regular introductory events. 
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Energy Boost Self-Care Specialist - Uncover the Facilitator in you.
Customers who have completed the online self-paced program may choose to attend one of the following:

New dates to be announced post Cover-19.

Customers who have completed online studies may choose to attend one of our follow up seminars which are now offered virtually.

PS: We are currently seeking a sponsor and locations to present our seminar in Alberta when in-person events resume post-pandemic.