Release | Recharge | Realign

Helpful lessons to empower your wellness journey.

What you'll get:

12 posts  - each contains a written description of an activity along with a short video demonstration. 

These are intended to help you develop more vitality, greater strength and to feel less discomfort by performing quick and easy self-care activities. We know these give insights into different ways to manage your vitality and discomfort with natural methods.

While Muscle Tuners International Inc. believes these activities are perfectly safe for everyone, we recommend you always participate to your own level of ability. You are encouraged to stand, sit, or lay down as needed while doing any of these activities, or stop at any time if  any difficult for you. 

BENEFITS of these activities:

Less Neck Tension  
A quick way to ease tension in your neck and shoulder muscles also helps with understanding and remembering things that you hear.

Wake Up Your Brain Power
Ever wish your left brain could know what your right brain is thinking? Improve communication pathways in your nervous system in order to have greater focus and concentration.

Eye & Memory Tune-Up  
Wake up connections between your eyes and your brain. A simple way to improve ease of reading and recalling things that you have seen.

Brain Activation 
A profound method to stimulate right- and left- brain integration. This assists with focus and concentration. The activity also reduces stress, moves blood and gently increases breathing rate. 

Stress Relief 
A method to release pent up stress and help defuse messy emotions with no fuss.

Healthy Food Choices 
Learn how to identify foods that can cause inflammation and discover possible sensitivities before you choose something to eat.

Exercise Ninja Tip
This method not only strengthens many upper and lower body muscles making exercise easier, it also helps reduce muscle pain from being sore after doing physical activity.

Energy Massage
Do you have a time of day where your energy drags and you don't want another cup of coffee or something sugary in order to feel more alert?

Peace and Calm
This isn't a meditation technique but you can feel amazingly calm after two minutes!

Physical Coordination
Ever wish you could start out on the 'right' foot and keep going more easily?  Gain more stability and reduce some muscular pain.

Tummy Tune-Up
How would you like your abdominal muscles to respond faster to your efforts at crunches and sit ups?

Shoulder Relief
Learn an activity that supports one of the four rotator cuff muscles. Helping this single muscle often helps release tension, increase range of motion and strength of your shoulder.