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Energy Boost Self Care Program - Facilitating Vitality and Resilience

Become a Facilitator for Wellness!

Energy Boost Self Care sets up the body for daily resilience and vitality. It is as important as exercising, drinking clean water, having proper nutrition and good sleep!

You'll learn how to interact with the public so you can have a successful business teaching people how to switch-on the body-brain connection. You will show them how they can positively impact their daily vitality and resilience. 

  • You will learn over 20 techniques to Energy Boost your own life 
  • Learn how to teach these techniques to help people improve their own well-being
  • Access five templates for use in 'classroom' or Lunch 'n Learn sessions
  • Discover how to approach organizations for speaking engagements

Access modules online (program will be available for download after April 1st, 2019). Attend a one-day seminar to lock in your confidence in performing these techniques and how to present them. 

Add this vital program to your array of services today!