Win the Pain Game - The Basics

You are in the right place if you want to have less pain in your life and believe your body can give you the answers if you only knew how to listen and read it!  Win the Pain Game will require an open and curious mind because it may not be like anything you have seen, done or experienced before. One more thing, you want something different than you have now!

You are unique and what the body reveals as YOUR unique solution will not only fascinate you but astound you when it works!! We will master energy self-testing and learn how to use energy self-care techniques not only individually but in a system to relieve pain. 

In this program you receive an online access code so you keep it for all times.

You get one-on-one coaching from Heather Phillips, HBPE

You get 4 weeks of Group Coaching where you can get answers to questions pertaining to the program. When time permits you will witness a demonstration so you can see and feel resolutions to discomfort AND determine the difference the application makes for people and you.

Leave Comments in the program or email Heather for specific guidance and help. [email protected]