Win the Pain Game - The Basics

You are in the right place if you want to have less pain in your life and believe your body has the answers, if you could only hear and see them! 

Win the Pain Game will require an open and curious mind because it may not be like anything you have seen, done or experienced before. If you are in pain and looking for "a better way", this could be the answer to your prayers. It was for your instructor, Heather Phillips.

You are as unique as a snowflake and fingerprint. Your pain relief solution is too.  Your body will reveal YOUR unique solution and you will be fascinate and astounded when you experience  and express "It works!!" We will master energy self-testing together and learn how to use energy self-care techniques not only individually but in a system to be free from pain. 

In this program you receive an online access code so you keep it for all times.

This program includes:

- a 2-day immersion weekend (11 hours)

- an online program for reference to the techniques

- a downloadable manual to follow-along

Your instructor is Heather Phillips. She has her Honours Bachelor Degree of Physical Education and did her honours thesis about energy balancing and its affect on muscles.  She has mastered energy self-testing (self muscle testing) and help you master it as well.  She has adapted techniques over the years for energy self-care and has been teaching energy balancing for over 35 years. She has developed Win the Pain Game protocols so you can be free from pain with solutions that are uniquely yours. 

"I can hardly wait for you to join me on the immersion weekend so we can all feel successful in our mission to decrease pain and increase energy, vitality and resilience.  After the weekend, I want you to say, 'Pain is no longer my captor!' and know it's true!"  ~Heather Phillips, HBPE

If you have questions, please email me at: [email protected]