Win the Pain Game - Level One

You have more control over your pain and discomfort than you think.

You are in the right place if you want to learn online and receive 6-weeks of Group Coaching where you can hear from people who are doing the same thing you are. Share wins, accomplishments and victories! Share challenges like: "I don't get this yet, please help!" 

The first step to Win the Pain Game is to be aware of it, acknowledge it, then move it out!! Moving  Chi Energy through your body can encourage energy flow so your body can align and allow pain to go. 

Are you thinking about having surgery?
Have you already had surgery and having a longer than expected recovery? 
Are you injured and want to get better faster or feel better sooner, period?

If you said YES to any of the questions, you are in the right place.

Together we will learn the Meridian System and how to move energy through the energy circuits of the body to become free from chronic pain.

In Win the Pain Game -Level One you will:

-Discover and work with your Pain Blue Print

-Bridge the gap between where you are today and where you want to be.

-Understand how energy moves in the body 

-Learn the 14 meridian pathways

-Learn energy self-care techniques to reduce pain and create mobility, flexibility, strength, stability, balance, focus, concentration, eye-hand coordination, vitality, resilience and more!!

The structure of program is:

Online learning

A Group Coaching call for 6 weeks

       -Review of techniques, 

      -Share experiences using the energy self-care techniques

      -Celebrate any wins with the group

Assignment for next week

The Group Coaching calls are designed to celebrate victories, ask questions, get clarification on the online lesson for the week and review techniques. It is my experience that everyone learns from each other and provides insights and support on the calls.

This program is designed to teach and show you that there is another way to reduce pain and heal your body. Surgery may be an option and choice. That is perfectly fine and now you will have a way to speed up the recovery and have durable results. The way you manage your pain and discomfort is ALWAYS your choice. My intention is to teach and empower you with a different way and a way that provides more choice in the matter of pain. 

During the learning process of the program, you will use and apply the techniques I used to manage my back and hip pain over 35 years after my  back surgery. I did not learn this over-night. I trust that you will be empowered through this step by step process to learn it and apply it daily or whenever you need relief. 

First, we will learn how to self-assess. Then we learn the 20+ techniques and how to apply them and track your progress. The progression of the lessons are designed to bring them to life during and after the 6 week Group Coaching.  We will do a post assessment and you can share your progress over the 6 weeks. It is normal to see huge progress and also normal to see slight progress. Either way, you will be able to continue with the techniques well after the formal Coaching is over.

My commitment to you is that you learn the system so you can carry on past 6 weeks. If you want further coaching after 6 weeks, we can arrange for that.

For now, let's do these first 6 weeks together in a group setting so we can gain insights from each other. Just think, by summer, you may be able to do things you could not do last summer!  

Cheers to your Health and Let’s Win the Pain Game!

Heather Phillips, HBPE