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Do you want clients to notice an immediate response?

Do you want to help your clients achieve fitness targets faster than ever?

Do you who want to help people perform everyday movements easily?

Do clients need to “activate” their muscles in a different way?

Do you want to create a loyal client base?

Do you want an interesting way to introduce yourself?

Do you want to call yourself a MUSCLE TUNER® Specialist?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, keep reading:

This program will allow your clients to see and feel the difference after even a single session with you.

You may have heard of muscle testing and would like to learn how it can benefit your business and want to learn how to perform it properly.

The Muscle Tuner® Specialist Program was designed for Fitness and Sports Trainers, Coaches, Kinesiologists, Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists, Fitness Enthusiasts and Athletes of all abilities.

We will teach you a system of switching on and activating muscles that is fast and can be used at the side of any sports field, rink, or pool; at an event, in a gym or a clinic or office.

The Muscle Tuner® Specialist Program is a combined online and in-person system where you learn theory, techniques and protocols at your own speed before attending the in-person 3.5-day workshop (half day reserved for practical assessments).

You will receive the following for just $2,500 CDN ($1,800 USD):

· Evergreen online access to Muscle Tuner® Specialist Program materials 

· In-person three and a half day workshop training (excludes accommodation and travel expenses)

· In-person Practical Assessment and online written exam 

· First year Muscle Tuner® Specialist Trademark License fee **

· Discounts on additional and advanced courses

· Special pricing on workshops you want to repeat

· Opportunity to earn higher affiliate income for recommending MTI Inc. Programs

· Invitation to a Private Facebook Group for regular updates and belonging to a network of colleagues

· Access to regularly scheduled 'Office Hours' video conferences to receive answers to detailed questions

** The cost includes the Muscle Tuner® Specialist Trademark License once you pass a Practical Assessment with one of our Trained Experts

Be Strong. Be Confident. Be Tuned.

It is time to offer Muscle Tuning™ as a valuable part of a wellness program. These skills are essential because of their role in helping people gain more strength, flexibility and range of motion in order to achieve and maintain a healthy body. You will both be impressed with how quickly your client’s performance will improve. You will observe your client’s wonderment and awe as you Switch-On and Tune-Up Muscles; they will notice immediate results and may even perform activities that once were difficult. The skills you learn will expand the services you offer your clients. You will amaze people and they will appreciate your skills. Your new knowledge will profoundly change the way you help clients.

Muscle Tuning™ - It's the Missing Link

Your instructors have a combined experience of more than 50 years in muscle testing, facilitating and program creation.  In addition, Heather graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Physical Education and successfully completed her thesis based on muscle testing and balancing techniques.

Witness JOY in your clients as you help them achieve their fitness, recovery and rehabilitation targets faster by offering them Muscle Tuning™ sessions. We invite you to become a Muscle Tuner® Specialist.

Muscle Tuning™ - #SwitchOnMusclesFirst!

 When you're ready to purchase, you may have questions about how the 'Foundations' Program and the 'Bridge' Program differ. First, know that they each have exactly the same content. 

The Foundations Program is intended for people who need or want to learn our system of muscle-monitoring and 'Muscle Tuning', and know that they want to access the online trainings, the seminar, the coaching, plus the written and practical proficiency testing which leads to qualifying for a license to use our trademark.

The Bridge program has two purposes. It offers a 'pay-as-you-go' option where you can pay for other components to qualify for our trademark license only when you need them. While the Bridge program was originally created for colleagues with a solid muscle testing background , we found others who do not intend to market their services as a Muscle Tuner® Specialist and just want to access the content at the most economical price. Both types of buyers can sign up at the 'Bridge' program price.