The Basics

Get Answers From your Inner Wisdom to Win Against Pain in all its forms

            Why you need this course!


Win the Pain Game - The Basics

You are as unique as a snowflake and a fingerprint. Your pain solution is too!

Unleash your inner wisdom and Win Against Pain by discovering how to get answers from your body and unconscious mind and resolve your pain without resorting to guess work. 

With the simple 3-step system called "Assign, Design, Align" you will finally unleash your inner wisdom so you can see and feel freedom from pain. (the definition of pain can extend to unwanted behaviour and habits that you call "a pain"). Increase your body comfort, develop good habits and intuition with your inner wisdom’s help.

Discover how to ask your body questions and get the answers for your pain solution.  No matter what you have tried in the past... this works!

The Basic program focuses on one of 5 possible solutions; Energetics. Albert Einstein said that everything starts and ends with energy, so why not start here!! 

In this online and evergreen program, you will:

  • Learn and master energy self-testing.
  • Get support over 4 weeks via online and live group coaching
  • View online presentations & videos
  • Do worksheets
  • Learn 20+ Energy Boost™ Self-Care activities and how to use them as the solution to what ails you.
  • Learn the 3-step simple process of Assign, Design, Align.
  • Plus understand the Decision Tree process so you can use it to address other areas of your Life.
  • And more

Register for Win the Pain Game - Basic NOW and receive this LIMITED TIME bonus VALUED AT $188. 

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Take a deep dive one-on-one with Heather Phillips as she coaches you through the Decision Tree process and you experience the miracle of your body’s intuition and innate wisdom [$150 Value]

Digital package of 22 energy activation/visualizations [$33 Value]

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What other people are saying ...

“I used to need to find a rest room every hour on the hour, after I did an Energy Boost Self-Care class with Heather, I can go hours without needing the restroom!” ~ Connie

“One of the Energy Boost Self-Care Techniques is about setting a goal. Mine was to get out of bed pain free. It worked! It’s been 7 months and I am still pain free in the mornings!" ~ Toni

"My husband and I drove for 12 hours. Each time we stopped to change drivers we did the Circuit Breaker Reset. When we got to our destination we stayed up an extra 4 hours visiting family! That never happens. Thanks to Circuit Breaker Reset, we had bountiful energy and weren’t sore after a long car ride!” ~ Sue T.


Pain is no-longer my Captor,

         I am Free to be ME!