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Muscle Tuners International delivers quality online education. If you are interested in expanding your personal wellness services with something that will develop fantastic customer loyalty or adding self-care presentations to your business offerings, there are a variety of programs to discover:


Muscle Tuner® Specialist Program 
A new personal wellness service helping clients reduce pain and increase strength. Excellent visuals, support materials and coaching. Obtain trademark license to market yourself as a Muscle Tuner® Specialist. 

Fine Tuning Program
Extends the Specialist Program. Find hidden problems, learn shortcuts, work with peripheral muscles. Deepen knowledge. Offer incredibly customized sessions. 100% online.

Surrogate Tuning Program
Extends the Specialist Program. Work with intrinsic muscles and numerous other tissues. Zero in on priority areas. Deepen knowledge. Offer incredibly customized sessions. 100% online.


Energy Boost Self-Care Plus 
Self-Care techniques. Streamlined and utilized by Heather during recovery from back surgery in her youth and later when working as a corporate executive. 100% online.

Energy Boost Self-Care Specialist Program 
Are you a group facilitator? Perfect for fitness trainers, yoga instructors and public speakers who are seeking to integrate Self-Care into their presentations and grow their wellness consulting business. 100% online.  


Win the Pain Game – Level One 
A comprehensive program that teaches people about wellness from a body-energy perspective. We support you with 6-weeks of online Group Coaching. 

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