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Muscle Tuners International delivers quality online education and superb support. If you are interested in expanding your personal wellness services with something that will develop customer loyalty or adding self-care presentations to your business offerings, there are a variety of programs to discover:


Muscle Tuner® Specialist Program 
A new personal wellness service helping clients reduce pain and increase strength. Excellent visuals, support materials and coaching. Completing this program leads to trademark license with right to market yourself as a Muscle Tuner® Specialist. 

Fine Tuning Program
Extends the Specialist Program. Find hidden problems, learn shortcuts, work with peripheral muscles. Deepen knowledge. Offer incredibly customized sessions. 100% online.

Tuning with Surrogates Program
Extends the Specialist Program. Work with intrinsic muscles and numerous other tissues. Zero in on priority areas. Deepen knowledge. Offer incredibly customized sessions. 100% online.

Tuning Reactives and Beyond
Reactive Muscle Reset protocol is a crown jewel technique for dealing with chronic pain. Simplified process for quick, effective and totally customized client sessions. Additional protocol for working with reactive meridians and combinations of meridians/muscles.

Tune Up Gait Patterns
Review for those with Touch for Health® level 3. Concepts can be adopted by reflexologists and other body or energy workers in order to stabilize any session, help prevent muscle reactivity issues that cause unnecessary pain from occurring, improve body/brain integration and physical coordination. 

Energy Boost Self-Care Specialist Program 
Are you a group facilitator? Perfect for fitness trainers, yoga instructors and public speakers who are seeking to integrate Self-Care into their presentations and grow their wellness consulting business. 100% online.  

Win the Pain Game Challenge

Four-day free access to recorded content about some basic self-case techniques that decrease pain and increase vitality. Last day is a group video call lead by Heather to answer questions.
Leads to a comprehensive program that teaches people about wellness from a body-energy perspective.
In Level 1, access self-care energy techniques streamlined and utilized by Heather during recovery from back surgery in her youth and later when working as a corporate executive. 100% online. Includes 6-weeks of online Group Coaching. 

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