Podcast Appearances

Some of my favourite appearances. Often similar conversations, but different, including  many different aspects of the modality I teach. Several nuggets about my values and my 'why' are revealed by these wonderful hosts:


Turning Leaves Recovery - Mastering the Drop - A Real View of Recovery with Tricia Parido June 2023


A conversation about what you are doing to your body when you hold onto all of your 'garbage'. I am really proud of this episode because of the amount of very helpful, easy, practical information for those in recovery or just stressed out.

Listen in as Tricia Parido and I discuss what she called "mind-blowing body shifts and cognitive processes that heal the negative sensations you experience every day" when she posted this episode on her page. There is not a re-tread of previous recordings. Tricia pulled out a lot of new, unique content from me based on my personal and clinical experience. 

Need fresh ideas on dealing with stress, negative thoughts, or physical discomfort?


Shining the Light on our Community - Sacred U with Sophia Soul April 2023


Sophia Soul of SacredU interviews Denise about the importance of having a team of complementary health and wellness providers support you in your return from injury. 

Also discussed was some of the research conducted and synthesized into a reproducible system giving predictable results that can be utilized by anyone willing to learn. Can be offered in-person or over Zoom. Book learning is different than PRACTICAL experience. 


Happy Wealthy Camper / StoryVan TV with Bonnie Dixon April 2023


This is not Muscle Tuners related. It's an interview about a collaboration Denise is participating in with Evelyn Mulders of Sound Essence. Together they are presenting a three day (1 hour per day) Masterclass about meridians, chakras and the auric field from a perspective you've never experienced before. Their mission is to offer a way to shift one's vibration, particularly to improve the vibration of one's business by engaging all the senses as well as from the application of Sound Essences while focussing on personal and business goals. See if you notice a shift yourself after the very short demonstration!
On-going enrollment to bi-monthly Masterclasses. More information here: http://www.businesscodebreaker.ca 


Moving to Oneness with Mehlin Ehkle March 2023


My guest Denise Cambiotti brings healing energy into the conversation about the ability we carry to tune our muscles optimally on the Moving To Oneness podcast show and provides for you next to an amazing exercise at the end to support your neck's moveability, examples of trusting your inner knowingness.

Her Muscle Tuning™ system supports optimal return to physical function after chronic stress, repetitive strain, misuse of the body or injury. Muscle Tuner® Specialists utilize a bioenergetic approach that harnesses the power of body / brain connections and releases emotional anchors with no fuss. 

We got deep into how healing is happening at the cellular level!


Empowering Family Health with Johann Callaghan December 2022


Johann is a sleep expert so of course I shared a technique to help unravel scattered brain so you can sleep better at night. We spoke about the connectivity of the nervous system and the body and all the energy pathways that nourish all our organs and glands to help your brain & body work optimally as a whole.
We covered: emotional allergies; stress hormone breakdown;  emotional stress release; grounding and balancing brain hemispheres. Ways to Empower your family's health.

Your Holistic Academy - Brain Power and More on Lower Back Tension Presentation November 2022


Interactive presentation with a tip that improves any therapists results, and helps anyone have greater focus and concentration by activating points that literally 'Power On The Brain', plus an additional approach for releasing lower back tension and pain. Listen to find out the extra bonuses this brief, practical activities provide.

Be Well with Michelle Greenwell November 2022


Michelle leads a conversation with me and two colleagues who supported me with their wellness modalities during recovery from an accident. Each is a rockstar in their separate approaches and I'm honoured to call them friends! Find out about distance healing and different ways to support your neurological system after physical trauma.


Your Holistic Academy - Neck and Lower Back Tension Presentation November 2022


Interactive presentation for releasing neck and lower back tension and pain. Listen to find out the extra bonuses this brief, practical activities provide.


Be Well with Michelle Greenwell October 2022


Learn more about healing the body and supporting your self-care. Explore what it means to tune muscles. Sounds intriguing? If you are a sports enthusiast, athlete, gym member, or wishing to age more gracefully, this conversation is for you. We explore what it means to be truly engaging muscles for optimum performance and function. We also share details on why this helps reduce injuries and hasten recovery.


Positive Playground with Tony Lucero June 2022


(Note: You may have to go back to your browser after clicking the link above if it asks you if you give permission to open Spotify)

Tony says: Ahh do I love new modalities that give us the power to tune our bodies. 
Join me and my friend Denise Cambiotti the muscle testing master. 
She also delivers a powerful way to deal with... well you'll hear....


Winning with Wellness with Jenny Ryce December 2021



Muscle Tuning is a proprietary technique that releases the emotional and electrical stress of the muscles, tendons and even ligaments. It creates a domino stress release that communicates with body systems, including lymph, blood and nerves. It connects with the body's  meridian system and therefore to the organs and glands of the body. 
“Wellness is when you’re thriving and radiating and not just getting through your day.”
— Denise Cambiotti


Over 40 Fitness Hacks with Brad Williams  November 2021


Do you have some extra stress in your life right now that just keeps circling in your mind? Does it tense you up? Keep you from sleeping or performing well? This tip only takes about 30 seconds to defuse a great deal of emotional stress. Start your day off on the right foot or prepare for a challenging task. This tip is incredibly versatile!


Living Well Community with Robin Thomas November 2021


Help yourself and others with the Neck Tension Release Tip. Denise shares a short description of the science behind what looks like a magical experience.



Over 40 Fitness Hacks with Brad Williams  November 2021


A ninja-tip for your brain. This tip not only reduces general stress, it also increases physical coordination and improves your focus and concentration. It literally takes just a minute a day to increase your efficiency and effectiveness in your daily tasks and activities.


The Stress Nanny with Lindsay Miller October 2021


In this episode, Denise Cambiotti shares a simple technique to release tension and stress.  Easy for adults or children, this simple tool can have a big impact.  Denise and I talk about how simple tools are sometimes easy to overlook when we're facing big problems but often small and simple actions can bring about great things.


Over 40 Fitness Hacks with Brad Williams October 2021


This 22 minute podcast with Brad Williams of 'Over 40 Fitness Hacks' has been the best presentation of what we do here at Muscle Tuners that I have ever given (IMHO).

Listen through to the end of this episode for the popular Neck Tension Release Tip,


Healthy Wealthy Nomad Supershow with Greg and Bonnie Dixon October 2021

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVGnVuET8Oc (Find me at 1:30:45 in the recording of five hours of wellness facilitators - my segment is just 30 minutes long)

The wholistic approach that started all for Denise which she thought at first thought was pretty 'weird'. She learned how to teach this to help people with achieving greater physical and mental potential.  Then she discovered new and simple ways to release emotional blocks that are stuck in the body and interfering with full return to wellness after an injury and also assists with preventing injury. Bonnie draws out a few inspiring moments in Denise's career. PLUS: learn how to release lower back pain.
Denise's message today is around why "working with muscles is doing much more than that!"
(EDITOR'S NOTE: The monthly free-event mentioned during this recording has since been discontinued, however we now have 'new and improved' offerings.)


Fit to Lead with Allison Jackson Fitness October 2021


Denise loves helping people improve physical, mental and emotional function and reduce pain. She makes key concepts simple so that healers and individuals can learn and apply bioenergetic wellness methods to complement their lives. She trains, mentors and licenses healers to rapidly reduce pain while gaining strength and flexibility for themselves or their clients without investing in any equipment. Muscle Tuners International is the alternative to 'alternative wellness'.


Actualize Your Full Potential with Bruce Barnes September 2021


Denise explains the method that supports you in remembering what you hear, and release the tension in your neck.

She also demonstrates a Stress Relief technique that can be used in just minutes to take the edge off emotional pressure that builds up inside you. Use this anywhere, and share it with the people in your life - at home, at work, and at play. Priceless!


Over 40 Fitness Hacks with Brad Williams September 2021


In this episode, Denise goes into what she calls a Full Body Ninja trick to wake up your upper and lower body muscle groups. This can be used as a daily routine to prepare you for anything and to recover from unaccustomed physical activities.


A Wholesome Life with Tracy O'Neill September 2021


Denise. is providing listeners of 'A Wholesome Life Podcast' with two videos and written directions which describe how to reduce their emotional stress and calm their brain in just minutes. These simple skills will improve many areas of your life.


Leaders with a Heart with Payman Lorenzo August 2021


We had a beautiful, heart to heart conversation, talking about many topics, from her story, to the time she used to work in the oil fields in Alberta, Canada which eventually lead to learning about muscle testing. This changed the direction of her life towards a more fulfilling one where she has found her passion and her calling. 'Muscle Tuning' is the modality she teaches. It is something that we all can benefit from and she gives some very practical tips on how do some tune ups for ourselves. I highly recommend you give this a watch, you'll learn some very helpful and practical things from an incredible lady. 


Actualize Your Potential with Bruce Barnes July 2021

"Small changes that make a big impact in your life"


Denise shares a technique that gives several benefits... it helps with remembering and better understanding what you hear, along with releasing tension in your neck and upper shoulders. A second technique for releasing emotional stress is well demonstrated and explained - it helps to release stress hormones from circulating through your body continually. This was an easy, lighthearted conversation - about 37 minutes.


Storyvan TV with Greg and Bonnie Dixon July 2021


Learn how to reduce pain and increase strength and flexibility with techniques and Muscle Tuners. Understand why working on the part of the body that hurts doesn't always fix the pain permanently. Gift: Do you have tension in your neck from using all your devices or carrying a lot of stress? There's a surprising way to reduce that tension, fast! 


Perfect Health Podcast with Elaine Godley February 6, 2021


Elaine Godley talks to Denise Cambiotti. Denise is the creator of an online training and mentoring program that licenses therapists, body workers and energy healers as Muscle Tuner® Specialists so that they can help at least 75% of their clients increase their physical vitality and function while lowering at least 75% of their physical pain in as little as 24 hours of study.


Profitable Impact Academy with Kimberly Carson-Richards February 2021


We're certain that most everyone has had some kind of injury that has left that part of your body not feeling like it's normal self. Try as we might, that part just doesn't bounce back no matter how hard we try. A lot of us have just decided that, "Oh well, thems the brakes." Right? Hold on though! Many people have discovered a sure-fire way to turn that all around - a lot of them in 30-40 seconds! Yup! You heard me right. Take it from Denise Cambiotti - the person responsible for these "miracles"! It's critical to 'tune up your muscles first' BEFORE you spend wasted hours at the gym to tone up or doing rehabilitative exercises to regain physical function after injury.


Empowering Health Journeys with Lana Kirtley March 2020


Denise left her job as an administrative assistant to start her own business: Muscle Tuners International Inc. Denise learned about muscle testing and how much it can truly help, from a chiropractor. Denise had been taking pain meds for her chronic headaches and neck pain. After learning that there were healthier ways to manage her pain, Denise not only wanted to learn about muscle testing, but her business is all about training others to tune up their muscles!

In this episode:

- Using your body pendulum to make the choices your body needs
- Question clarity and the unconscious mind
- Muscle Tuners: and electrician for the body

When a muscle is happy, the related organ is happy.” - Denise Cambiotti
Our health is our cornerstone.” Lana Kirtley