About the Company and Founder

This company's mission is to empower every body therapist and health & wellness provider to make immediately measurable changes for their clients with less effort by using an unconventional approach.

Muscle Tuners International Inc. offers training, licensing and mentoring to become a Muscle Tuner¬ģ¬†Specialist and currently has customers in eight¬†countries. Fulfill your desire to¬†help your clients¬†develop more confidence and¬†freedom to live¬†with less weakness and pain and more ease, strength and flexibility by using the¬†Muscle Tuning‚ĄĘ system.

Denise Cambiotti, the Founder/Owner¬†of Muscle Tuners International has achieved internationally recognized certifications to teach basic-to-advanced workshops such as: Stress Indicator Point System‚ĄĘ; Applied Physiology¬ģ; Touch for Health¬ģ; and Brain Formatting‚ĄĘ.

She has distilled and synthesized information from all her education and clinical experience to create new proprietary processes that form¬†the Muscle Tuner¬ģ Specialist Program. She is often told her¬†system is revolutionary.

She believes you can become proficient and reliably provide positive outcomes for at least 75% of your clients who do not suffer significant neurological challenges with just 24 hours of online study. (Her 'secret' expectation is for 100% of clients to notice long-lasting positive changes in their very first session.)

She has a clear and concise delivery style derived from more than 20 years of experience in teaching students how to instantly strengthen muscles, improve physical function and reduce pain. She generously shares her wisdom and experience to those who attend her programs and students regularly compliment her on her authentic and caring nature.

Allow Denise to help you fulfill your desire of helping yourself and your clients to live with greater ease, strength and flexibility,

ADMIN: [email protected]¬†(General Enquiries, Customized Payment Plan Set Up)

By Phone:  Denise at 604-936-5463 (Pacific Time - Vancouver, Canada)
By email:¬†[email protected]

"Unlock Your Body's Potential with Muscle Tuning‚ĄĘ ~ It‚Äôs a Path to Better Living"

Denise Cambiotti

Because of her love of reading, Denise has studied all of these books and many more, so you don't have to!

She is gifted at distilling information and presenting concepts so that you get home run results in a short amount of study time.

In addition to all that, Denise loves cats, dogs, horses, and spending time in nature. She often gets lost in fiction and puzzles. She can get a bit competitive about certain games. She makes it a priority to spend time at the beach and parks with friends and especially loves picnics. 

She loves to geek out with colleagues and feels the best quality hours of her professional life have been spent:

* teaching or being a student herself 

* attending international conferences where colleagues don't think what she does for work is crazy

* deepening understanding about her craft while serving clients in her clinic

Denise key intention is to make measurable differences in peoples physical and emotional well-being with her unconventional approach. 

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I do what I do because I love making a measureable difference in people’s lives by introducing healers to an alternative way of increasing physical function and reducing pain faster than traditional methods. It has transformed my life and I am here to share my learnings while teaching, mentoring and supporting my clients.

I’m here to reduce pain and suffering. It takes dedication and strong belief in the results I can provide to keep promoting myself despite the amount of comments based on simple ignorance about muscle testing that you can find all over the internet. There is a lack of 'evidence-based studies' yet there are countless thousands of empirical reports and a handful of published studies and articles if you know where to look. These are accessible on the Research link at the top of the page. (If you are aware of more, I'd be grateful for you to tell me about them.)

I love my clients. I attract seekers who don't exactly fit into the public expectation because while they value having one foot solidly in science, their hearts tell them they must also have one foot in the domain of energy healing.

I‚Äôm not for everyone ‚Äď I have decided to embrace and celebrate what looks like 'woo' to others.¬†I was made to simplify big concepts and refuse to talk with big words to impress despite a¬†significant amount of specialized¬†training. I often teach by telling stories. I will only¬†push you if you ask me to hold you accountable. I prefer to entice people into this line of work¬†for the satisfaction they will receive and the results they will provide¬†their clients and then follow up with the financial rewards (the order of my¬†priorities has¬†caused distress to¬†my business coaches).¬†

I believe 100% in using this approach as part of one's own wellness process. Everything I teach I practice myself because integrity matters to me. After experiencing a catastrophic injury in 2022, I personally experienced the power of this work in my own body on a whole new level. I know I have healed to a much greater degree than was expected by my medical doctors. Many milestones were also achieved more quickly than expected. I cannot imagine what my life would be like without using this approach during my recovery. I am saddened that so few people are aware of how well this system works, even in the hands of a raw beginner.

I only want to work with you if you are motivated. I have a reputation of overdelivering. When I recognize that spark in you that signals that you are engaged in your learning, then you will get much more than you paid for.

I am committed to never leaving you on your own in your learning journey. I'm here for you to before, during and even after you complete training with me. I don't know many other instructors who make that promise. Do you?


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