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Muscle TunerĀ® Specialist Choices

Have it all or choose just what you need, when the time is right for you.

Foundations - includes everything

Unlimited access to all theory, video demonstrations, written and visual support materials + assignments.
Convenient online learning platform.
Also Includes: 
- SIX months group video coaching
- three day seminar
- practical assessment
- written examination
- right to use our Trademark upon demonstration of proficiency

$2500 CDN / $1800 USD

Bridge - Online components only

Unlimited access to all theory, video demonstrations, written and visual support materials + assignments. 
Convenient online learning platform.
Also Includes:
- three months group video coaching.

Suitable for those who wish to pay as they go when they are ready to attend a seminar, book their proficiency assessment and take the written test to obtain right to use our trademark. No 'convenience' fees applied. 

$987 CDN / $799 USD


Budget friendly group coaching
OR private coaching with one of our lead instructors Denise or Heather ... your choice. 

From $119 CDN / $85 USD per month


Three days of review, guidance, and hands-on practice in all the techniques and protocols under our watchful eye. Get all your questions answered. 

$706 CDN / $500 USD


When you're ready to be assessed, we will arrange to meet for up to two hours. You will demonstrate proficiency in safely performing muscle monitoring, client education, and all our protocols.
After successful completion of the practical assessment, you will be given a link to complete the online written exam.

$210 CDN / $150 USD

Trademark License Agreement

Once you have demonstrated proficiency and successfully passed the written exam, you will be invited to enter into a trademark license agreement which renews yearly. 

Marketing yourself as a 
Muscle Tuner® Specialist 
identifies you as a professional who gets results!

$263 CDN / $200 USD

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