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We found out after the above video was produced that Shantell felt so great she ran six miles rather than her usual five!

This video was shot pre-pandemic.  Note: we no longer touch points on the face during assessments.

Improve Physical Performance & Recovery

Become a Muscle Tuner® Specialist.
Pain? Lack of Strength or Flexibility? Low Vitality?
You and Your Clients Can Live More Comfortably.


For Body Therapists, Fitness Trainers or Energy Workers. Recorded content you can use right away. 

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Live Events

Sample Muscle Tuning via Zoom. Choose your date. Expanded information compared to the pre-recorded content.

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General tips for yourself and your clientele. Release stress, neck & shoulder tension and other activities that take just moments.

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What People are Saying:

Complete System

I found the Muscle Tuner® Specialist Program suited my professional needs. The series of videos and assignments were well done, very clear, and presented at the right pace so that I could follow all the techniques as they were demonstrated. This program offers a thorough system to pick up on subtle imbalances that could be missed in a traditional physiotherapy session.

I like that we can also affect neurological connections and reflexes that indirectly improve general health.

~Simone Manfredi, BScPT 

The Experience

Everything has been so easy to use and follow. Love that you can go back and re-watch anything that you may have missed or need extra help with. 

I also really enjoy your optional Group Coaching as a way to air questions that we might have. It’s similar to the Private Facebook group, but being live just gives us a chance to get to know our peer group.

- Denise Armenio, Bioenergetic Wellness Facilitator

Client Support

Muscle Tuners International always goes the extra mile with support.  Always adding a little extra tidbit of information, hints and ideas on how to apply this system in my business. All of this is invaluable! 

- Phyllis Taylor, RMT


The sharing of their vast expertise and experience over and above what was in the course manual was not expected.

- Laurie Peel, Energy Worker

Amazed by Quick Results:

Brief reactions captured when we shared Muscle Tuning activities over Zoom. This approach isn't just for 'in-clinic' use!

Rachael's Hip

Seven YEARS of pain gone!

Aaron's Shoulder

Ouch... from spinning my kid around...

Andrea's Neck

Just chatting casually one day...

Denise Cambiotti
Muscle Tuner® Specialist,
Founder, Trainer, Mentor

Denise has over three decades in research, training and practical experience in the emerging field of Bioenergetic Manual Muscle Testing.
Her mission is to train wellness providers in a neurologically based approach that instantly and dynamically strengthens or relaxes muscles, tendons and ligaments in order to improve physical function and reduce pain.
Founder of Muscle Tuners International Inc. she is internationally qualified to teach numerous basic-to-advanced wellness workshops.
Uniquely authentic, she loves sharing her distilled and synthesized knowledge and experience.

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Curious About Releasing Pain or Increasing Strength, Flexibility and Stamina with dependable results?

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