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We help people like you reduce pain and gain strength and confidence, either for yourself, or for clients that you serve.

Become a Muscle Tuner® Specialist or Energy Boost™ Specialist!

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About the Muscle Tuner® Specialist Program

We Aren't Mindreaders

We are pretty good at being able to pinpoint common challenges for many health and wellness professionals. However, we aim to serve. To do that, we need to hear about specific challenges you'd like to overcome. 

Is it in:

Marketing your services, Developing customer loyalty, Solving client issues efficiently and effectively, Job satisfaction, Support while implementing new techniques, or ???? 

Heather Phillips, HBPE
Muscle Tuner® Specialist

Heather Phillips, HBPE, is an author, speaker, mentor, Director and Vice President of Muscle Tuners International Inc. She is a Muscle Tuner® Specialist and created a program for Muscle Tuners International Inc. called Energy Boost Self-Care Specialist program. She teaches both Programs. She is a member of, the Holistic Chamber of Commerce, Company of Women and a Lifetime Global Member of FemCity.  She provides business insights to the organizations she is involved with and the participants of the Specialist Program with MTI Inc.


Denise Cambiotti
Muscle Tuner® Specialist

Denise is passionate about teaching people how to get great results using muscle testing. She's the President of Muscle Tuners International Inc. with 2,600+ hours of specialized training and numerous certifications to teach basic-to-advanced health and wellness workshops. She has distilled and synthesized key concepts into condensed programs such as the Muscle Tuner® Specialist Program. She is regularly complimented on her clear and concise delivery style. Denise has over 20 years of clinical experience in helping people instantly strengthen muscles, improve function and reduce pain. She generously shares her wisdom and experience to those who attend her programs.

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