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Introduction to the Muscle Tuner™ Programs

Energy Boost 5 Tip Series - FREE


Free videos and downloads describe tips for the General Public to improve their energy throughout the ...

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Energy Boost10™ Techniques

$22.00 CAD

After you check out the five free tips, learn ten techniques that can help your energy and vitality. We get lots...

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Energy Boost Self Care Program - Facilitating Vitality and Resilience

Become a Facilitator for Wellness! Energy Boost Self Care sets up the body for daily resilience and vitality. I...

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Muscle Tuner™ Specialist Program

Do you want an interesting way to introduce yourself? Do you want to create a loyal client base? Do you w...

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Muscle Tuner™ Bridge Program

This Program is the same as the Specialist program but the price is reserved for Touch for Health graduates or e...

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Tuning with Surrogates

$199.00 USD

This Program has been designed for Muscle Tuner™ Specialists and those who have a background in ...

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Heather Phillips, HBPE
Muscle Tuner™ Specialist

Heather Phillips, HBPE, is an author, speaker, mentor, Director and Vice President of Muscle Tuners International Inc. and the current volunteer President of the CanASK. She is a Muscle Tuner™ Specialist and teaches the Muscle Tuner Specialist program in addition to Touch for Health® and G.E.M.S. She is a Member of CanASK, the Holistic Chamber of Commerce, Company of Women and a Lifetime Global Member of FemCity.  She provides business insights to the organizations she is involved with and the participants of the Muscle Tuner™ Specialist Program.


Denise Cambiotti
Muscle Tuner™ Specialist

Denise is passionate about helping people get results using muscle testing. Her clients see greater range of motion, better flexibility and experience less pain after a Muscle Tune-Up™.

Be Strong. Be Confident. Be Tuned.