Foundations Program Extended Coaching

Continue accessing tri-monthly group coaching for three more months.
Agenda largely based on participant input and questions. Customized mentoring on Foundations content to increase your confidence, expand your knowledge and refine your skill set!

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Heather Phillips Personal Coaching

Heather specializes in coaching people to use self-care techniques and is also masterful at Muscle Tuning™.
Choose from: one 1-hour session or four 1-hour session package. 
Group coaching rates available. Please enquire.

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Denise Cambiotti Personal Coaching

Denise specializes in Muscle Tuning™ in clinical practice and also offers support in helping oneself with self-care techniques. 
Choose either: one 1-hour session or four 1-hour session package. 
Clinic/Group coaching rates available. Please enquire.

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