Muscle Tuners International Inc. (MTI Inc.) offers training and licensing to become a Muscle Tuner™ Specialist in Canada and the United States. We also offer a 'Small Business in a Box'  called the Energy Boost Self Care Program. Additionally, we offer a some key components of our main Program for sale to those who have previous muscle testing experience and who wish to purchase just a few individual units so that they can extend their services.

Our vision is to create a satisfying career path for people wanting to develop a business in the Wellness Industry. We are offering powerful tools to professionals who are seeking ways to help their clients achieve (better) results, faster. Meanwhile, we are developing a network of Muscle Tuner™ Specialists helping clients achieve faster fitness and recovery. 

About The Founders

Heather Phillips graduated with an Honours Bachelor Degree in Physical Education completing her Thesis about Touch for Health. She has been teaching muscle testing and Touch for Health Kinesiology since 1984. She has 15 years experience as a corporate executive and has a strong entrepreneurial spirit in order to enjoy her role as Vice President and Co-Founder of Muscle Tuners International Inc.

Denise Cambiotti, the President of Muscle Tuners International, has over 2,500 hours of specialized training and has achieved numerous internationally recognized certifications to teach basic-to-advanced health, fitness and wellness workshops. She has distilled and synthesized key concepts into condensed programs such as the Muscle Tuner™ Specialist Program which she teaches to professionals. She is regularly complimented on her clear and concise delivery style. Denise has over 18 years of clinical experience in helping people instantly strengthen muscles, improve function and reduce  pain. She generously shares her wisdom and experience to those who attend her programs.

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Heather at 519-577-9209 (Eastern Time)
Denise at 604-936-5463 (Pacific Time)

We are pleased to help you manage your cash flow by providing payment plans that distribute the cost of our Programs equally over 2, 3 or 4 monthly instalments.
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