Tuning Gaits Program

This professional level program teaches a key activity for helping oneself and others feel greater physical coordination, stability, groundedness, centredness and focus. A wonderful side effect can be reduced pain.
It is very easy to perform the technique and gain benefits. Can be done anytime, anywhere. It is extremely versatile!
  • Dancers, gymnasts and runners absolutely love it because they instantly feel their feet connect with the ground in a ‘even’ manner. It gives them a stable platform in order to perform.
  • Athletes feel greater physical coordination.
  • Golfers love it because it helps with their swing.
  • Seniors appreciate it because they feel more confident, stable and secure while walking.
  • Those who stand on their feet for long periods of time or feel tired after a long walk feel a burst of energy from rubbing these spots.
Release of pain is a nice side effect from getting muscles working cooperatively as a result of gently activating these powerful reset points.
Denise was introduced to rubbing these points by a doctor to help improve lymph movement and prevent edema when she was pregnant. She was later taught how having integrated / balanced gaits profoundly affects physical and mental integration. Since then, she has encouraged every type of body worker she has taught to perform this correction at the end of their sessions regardless of their modality, because it ‘locks in’ and integrates the benefits of their work for their clients.
Heather rubs and activates her gaits almost daily because it makes a profound difference in her ability to enjoy unaccustomed activities such as waterskiing and very long bike rides without experiencing painful recovery time the following days. 
This online program also demonstrates how to use this information for your self-care in addition to offering this as a new service. We show you how to activate eleven key postural muscles and the ‘magic buttons’ that activate optimum communication between these so that almost anyone can instantly move with greater ease and grace. Rubbing Gait Reset Points soon becomes a favourite in any self-care toolkit!
This program has been designed in a manner that a wide variety of individuals can benefit. Even athletic, gymnastic and dance coaches will be able to achieve results giving their performers an edge over the competition, without using the muscle-testing component. 
Program includes: evergreen access to lessons and 38 videos totalling approximately 2.75 hours plus a full colour 43 page downloadable PDF manual. An optional online multiple choice assessment is available which may suffice for your licensing body's Continuing Education Credit  program (currently MTAA and NHPC approved).