SIPS Level One

Three days of online learning via Zoom in order to revolutionize the depth, speed and durability of clinical results. Work with precision.

Classes normally begin at 9:00 am Pacific Time (Vancouver, Canada) and end at 5:30 pm unless prior arrangements have been made to accommodate students from other time zones. Look for more information and the latest dates / times here:


This workshop shares theory, concepts and techniques that will be readily included into your energy-healing toolkit. You will be able to use SIPS in any session that utilizes muscle-testing, especially systems like Touch for Health or Muscle Tuning.

This workshop opens the wonder and the power of the Meridian System and its interface with the auric bodies. It will allow you to directly assess the energetic state of numerous physical aspects that affect the body. Whether these are under-energized or over-energized, you will be able to bring them to homeostasis. 

Positively and specifically address stress which affects:

Muscle, tendon, ligament, emotional, vascular, tendon sheath, skin stress, nervous system, adrenal system, retinaculum.

- Learn to test and work with 21 specific muscles that affect the knee joint. Then Extend the SIPS Knee Joint Protocol to other joints of the body. 

- Gain a corrective technique that interfaces the Physical Body with the Etheric level. It is a brilliant way to interact with your clients’ innate wisdom!

Prerequisites such as Touch for Health® level four or other solid muscle testing foundational program such as Muscle Tuning™. 
Discuss with Denise prior to buying. Your certificate / proof of learning is required. Please email to: [email protected].

Important Details 
!!! MUST READ !!!

100% attendance in class is required to receive a certificate of completion.

You agree to having your video on.

If you are not attending with a fellow student in the same physical location, please have a large doll or teddy bear available to practice some basic steps.

If you cannot demonstrate basic competency on a volunteer during the event (because of the time difference or difficulty in recruiting a volunteer to drop by for the daily workshop portions), you will be required to submit a short video (<20 minutes) within 2 weeks of end of class showing you performing the "Basic SIPS Procedure" and the "Meridian Matrix" correction to the best of your current ability on a live volunteer. Your certificate will be emailed once your video is reviewed for basic competency.

Registration required within 30 days of class (international attendees)
or 21 days (North American attendees).
Consideration may be given on a case-by-case basis.
No refunds unless the class is cancelled by the instructor.

Refund Policy: Price may be applied to a future class.

REPEAT STUDENTS PAY ONLY 50%. Contact Denise for COUPON code before registering.

MANUAL WILL BE MAILED ASAP after your payment. Make sure to provide your correct mailing address in the checkout cart and to complete full payment at least 21 days prior to class to ensure you receive your manual in time. Late registration will cause an EXPRESS air shipment charge. International addresses often require 6-8 weeks for mail delivery. You may enquire about the cost to ship your manual AIR EXPRESS (depending on country $100+ CAD).