Tuning Gaits for Touch for Health® Graduates

Prerequisite: Touch for Health®. This professional level program reviews a key activity for helping oneself and others feel greater physical coordination, stability, centredness, groundedness and focus. A wonderful side effect can be reduced pain.
Program includes: permanent access to lessons and 38 videos totalling approximately 2.75 hours plus a full colour 43 page downloadable PDF manual. An optional online multiple choice assessment is available which may suffice for your licensing body's Continuing Education Credit  program (In Canada: MTAA and NHPC approved).
You will review Client Education, Pre-Checks, Corrections, all the related muscle tests and watch various demonstrations of checking the combinations of gait muscles. Plus, enjoy a module on how to do particularly thorough gait balancing process for your own self-care. 
There is a wide audience for you to share these skills!
  • Anyone who stands on their feet for long periods of time or feel tired after a long walk feel a burst of energy when you balance their Gaits.
  • Dancers, gymnasts and runners absolutely love it because they instantly feel their feet connect with the ground in a ‘even’ manner. It gives them a stable platform in order to perform.
  • Athletes feel greater physical coordination and improved performance.
  • Golfers love it because it helps with their swing.
  • Seniors appreciate it because they feel more confident, stable and secure while walking.
Release of pain is a nice side effect from getting muscles working cooperatively as a result of gently activating these powerful reset points.
Denise was introduced to rubbing these points by a doctor to help improve lymph movement and prevent edema when she was pregnant. She then learned how having integrated / balanced gaits profoundly affects physical and mental integration. She will encourage you to always perform this correction at the end of your balancing sessions  because it ‘locks in’ and integrates the benefits of your TFH or other energy work.
We are very grateful to Dr. George Goodheart and Dr. John Thie for the gift of this process and want to make sure you know how to do it right and get brilliant results! 
We hope you enjoy learning this program is 50% off the regular price because of your prior investment in Touch for Health®!