Introduction to Muscle Tuning December 2023

December 12th at 9 am Pacific Time
December 28th at noon Pacific Time

Wellness providers who attend this one-hour experiential webinar will discover how to easily:

  • Engage the parasympathetic nervous system for greater and faster response to bodywork (ie: massage, physio, chiropractic...)
  • Tune Up postural muscles for greater strength and ease of movement
  • Support the body's meridian flow and organ function without acupuncture
  • Improve focus and concentration
  • Reduce tension / pain

After the event, you will receive a multi-page PDF so that you can repeat the process whenever you desire. You will treasure a one-minute technique that stimulates integration of primary neuro-muscular pathways and enhances outcomes of your sessions, regardless of your modality. You'll want to bring this single technique into every session!

The Muscle Tuning System is recommended for: 

  • Individuals who wish to help themselves and their clients age gracefully; improve vitality; increase strength; develop better physical function; reduce tension and pain.

Questions? Click here: [email protected]