Foundations Seminar -> Muscle Tuner® Specialist

Now that you have completed the online Muscle Tuner® Foundations Program (or nearing completion and looking ahead to place this event on your calendar), we will be pleased to meet you in person and ensure you have the practical skills necessary to call yourself a Muscle Tuner® Specialist.  

During your time with us, you will experience and practice the art and science of 52 muscle tests, the Muscle Tuner® Protocol and all the correction techniques you learned online. 

We will help you integrate your learning into a cohesive understanding and comfort level so when you apply it with your clients, it will be second nature and comfortable for you. Part of our time together will be a skills assessment so we can both be proud and confident to call you a Muscle Tuner® Specialist.  

  • You will need to dress in comfortable active wear.
  • You may want to bring your own water, snacks and a lunch. We will offer water and a selection of teas in the room and there are restaurants in the area.
  • Location:  North America and virtual. To be announced
  • Date: To be announced
  • Phone number for Denise:  604-936-5463
    Phone number for Heather: 519-577-9209

We are looking forward to seeing you excel and become part of the Muscle Tuner® Network.  Together we will create a paradigm shift in the industry of health and wellness.  

We will look forward to seeing you by 8:45am for our 9am start! Classes run until 6 pm. One hour lunch break and two 20 minute breaks daily.


Heather Phillips, HBPE and Denise Cambiotti