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Fine Tuning


This Program has been designed for Muscle Tuner™ Specialists or those who have a background in Touch for Health®

  • Would you like to learn a shortcut to working with our 52 muscles?
  • How would you like to work with Priority Issues to get to the noticeable results as quickly as possible?
  • How do you know when you've done enough or whether you should offer more corrective techniques?
  • Do you ever suspect there are Hidden Issues that you haven't been able to observe?
  • Have you heard about 'Stacking' and want to know how to perform it correctly and how to use it to increase the speed of your sessions, and how to really get creative with customizing your sessions?
  • Do you or your clients need to travel and want to minimize Jet Lag symptoms?
  • Would you like a way to work with Fascia to release its tension that causes muscle pain? tremendously increase the number and type of tissues you can work with?
  • Do you know the special technique to lock in the benefits of your abdominal work?
  • Do you ever want to sedate/relax a muscle that is deep and untouchable? (Think Psoas an important hip flexor and Subscapularis for the rotator cuff.)
  • Want to learn how to discover if that muscle you just worked on will remain happy if it's owner needs it to compete in an important event?
  • Looking for an easy way to work with reflexes that switch muscles on and off inappropriately?
  • Do you or your customers feel out of sorts when they have to travel away from home for an event or a meeting?
  • Do you know how to integrate and anchor the benefits of your sessions?
  • Would you like to be able to create and anchor resourceful states? 
  • Wouldn't it be amazing to be able to offer a fully customized menu of corrective techniques for your clients?
  • How would you like to learn numerous new muscle tests for the torso, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, fingers, hips and toes?
  • Would you like the convenience of attending a LIVE online webinar or watching the recording of the webinar? 
  • Can you begin to imagine how adding this knowledge to your repertoire will help you attract and retain a loyal client base? 

Take this Program to Take Your Clientele to the Next Level.

Our program includes:

  • A full colour detailed manual that will be mailed to you and which contains all the information you require to successfully work with this technology.
  • Online access to the webinar content 
  • Opportunity to earn higher affiliate income for referring MTI Inc. Programs.

Benefit from Denise's 2500+ hours of muscle testing training over a wide breadth of modalities. In this workshop she has collected and synthesized material that will rocket your muscle library. 

You will learn how to TOTALLY CUSTOMIZE corrective techniques for your clients. Experience the wisdom of the client's own body as it guide you to providing the right correction, in the right place, at the right time. 

You will now be able to add even more muscle assessment and tuning services as you continue refining your skills. Either watch a live presentation or an edited pre-recorded webinar for lots of extra hints. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must be a Muscle Tuner™ Specialist in order to access to this Program. Access will be granted once we have confirmed you have the prerequisites.


Muscle Tuning™ - Switch-On Muscles First!