Happy Feet = Happy Body Program

Are you seeking a method of self-care so that you can experience greater endurance, stability and less pain? Discover a method for helping oneself feel all of these along with more centredness, groundedness and focus. 
It is easy to perform the technique and gain benefits. Can be done anytime, anywhere. 
Those who stand on their feet for long periods of time or feel tired after a long walk feel a burst of energy from rubbing these spots.
Dancers, gymnasts and runners absolutely love it because they instantly feel their feet connect with the ground in a ‘even’ manner. It gives them a stable platform in order to perform.
Athletes feel greater physical coordination.
Golfers love it because it helps with their swing.
Seniors appreciate it because they feel more confident and secure while walking.
Release of pain is a nice side effect because you can get your muscles working cooperatively again.
Denise was introduced to rubbing these points by a doctor to help improve lymph movement and prevent edema when she was pregnant.
She was later taught how having integrated / balanced gaits profoundly affects physical and mental integration. 
Heather rubs and activates her gaits almost daily because it makes a profound difference in her ability to enjoy unaccustomed activities without experiencing painful recovery time in the following days. 
Heather and Denise are so grateful for the gift of this process which they learned in a Touch for Health® workshop. They term it ’a crown-jewel technique’ and believe anyone can do it and benefit.
This short online program demonstrates how to activate key postural muscles and the ‘magic buttons’ that activate optimum communication between these so that almost anyone can instantly move with greater ease and grace. 
This program has been designed in a manner that a wide variety of individuals can benefit. Athletes, gymnasts and dancers commonly observe results that give their performance an edge over their competition. Everyone else appreciate a sense of greater vitality and better balance. 
Anyone who can reach their own feet can rub these points daily to help manage chronic pain, increase physical coordination, and improve brain integration. Those who can’t reach, can coach someone who can!
Rubbing Gait Reset points is a huge favourite in any self-care toolkit!
Program includes: ongoing access to lessons and numerous videos plus a full colour downloadable PDF manual.