Muscle Tuner® Specialist Program

Be different. Today's clients are seeking a unique experience that provides solutions for preventing, reducing or eliminating pain; increasing physical function; and increasing vitality. You will be able to provide that for them.

This recession and ongoing inflation mean that, in order to succeed, you have to stay focused on what works because customers are choosing to spend money only where they receive efficient and effective results. 

  • Would you be interested in offering a wellness service that sets you apart as a Master in your field?
  • Tired or frustrated that your current approach doesn't provide faster or long-lasting results? 
  • Could you benefit from adding a new service that can either layer into your current services or be offered as a completely separate billable experience? 
  • Would you appreciate the convenience of learning how to perform muscle testing from head to foot by watching conveniently bite-sized videos?
  • Are you curious to know how to instantly support muscles that fail a muscle test?
  • Did you want to contribute to your clients general wellness by knowing that muscles act as an interface with internal organs and glands?
  • Wouldn't it be amazing to easily release tension held in muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia?
  • Would you enjoy receiving glowing recommendations for magically releasing pain and limited range of motion?
  • Do you know that adding Muscle Tuning to your repertoire will help you attract and retain a loyal client base? 
  • If you are a massage therapist, do you need to take pressure off of your body so that you can have a longer career?

Study This Program So That You Can Take Your Clientele to the Next Level.

Appreciate a new approach and develop insights into causes of physical challenges that don't resolve easily. This is for you if you are seeking to provide more durable results.

Learn methods that will help your clients develop strength and flexibility while feeling greater confidence in their bodies. They will experience changes in minutes rather than weeks.

If your mission is to assist your clients to be able do everyday movements more easily or achieve greater physical performance.

This Program will teach you a system that is fast to learn, and easy to be used at the side of any sports event, in a gym or a clinic.

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Your Instructor has decades of experience in research, applying processes, teaching these methods and creating specialized programs.

This program includes:

  • Unlimited permanent online access to learn or review forever
  • A full colour manual mailed to you anywhere in the world
  • Additional downloadable learning aids and other materials 
  • Optional online group coaching to support you every step of the way through your learning process (four events per month for six months)
  • Customized advice for your unique personal and/or business situation
  • Support to develop your confidence so that you will grow your bottom line 
  • Video Vault of core and bonus concepts discussed during past coaching events

You receive all of that so that you will be able to take your new, mobile skills anywhere your clients need you.

After completing the online program, you can get for an additional fee if desired:

  • One-on-One Mentoring
  • Mastery-Level Programs for specific situations
  • Practical Assessment and Online Written Exam
  • Muscle Tuner® Specialist Trademark License 

Showcase Muscle Tuning™ as a valuable part of the wellness solutions you provide. These skills are essential in reducing pain, gaining greater physical function and increasing vitality. Your clients will see it, feel it, and truly believe in it because they will notice changes happening instantly.  

Offer Muscle Tuning™ and grow your bottom line.

This program is perfect for therapists, body workers and fitness trainers.

Muscle Tuning™  -  Tune Ups That Improve Performance.
Turn your clients into raving fans!