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Muscle Tuner™ Bridge Program

This is the same as the Specialist program and is reserved for Physical Therapists and Touch for Health® graduates or equivalent.
Contact our office to determine if you qualify for this before purchasing. 

Add our new techniques and protocols to boost your results.

Would offering Muscle Tuning™ skills help grow your business?

Do you wish to have a truly loyal client base?

Do you want to learn new ways to balance muscles easily and effectively?

Do you who want to help others be more “functionally fit” and do everyday movements easily?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then keep reading:

The Bridge Program (click the link to see what's included) will teach you a system of balancing muscles that is fast and can be used at the side of any sports field, event, in a gym or office.

It is finally here and we are so thrilled to be sharing it with you.  The Bridge Program will allow you to use your muscle testing skills and apply them in a more marketable way with a few more muscle tests and new assessment and balancing techniques.

Your Instructors have a combined experience of more than 50 years in research and application of muscle testing processes, teaching and program creation.

The complete retail price for people without your background is:  $2,500 CDN / $1,800 USD

We are offering YOU a special price for the ONLINE ONLY portion of this Program.   Your cost will be $987CDN / $799 USD.

Because of your prior experience, you may be eligible to challenge the Practical Assessment and obtaining your trademark license (for an additional fee) via video conferencing therefore saving on travel expenses and loss of time at work.

Our program includes:

  • Online access
  • Discounts on additional and advanced courses if you are one of the Founding members
  • Special pricing on in-person workshops you want to repeat
  • Opportunity to earn higher affiliate income for referring MTI Inc. Programs
  • Private Facebook Group for regular updates and to connect with colleagues
  • Regularly scheduled "Office Hours" video conferences to answer your questions

For an additional fee:

  • Three and a half day In-Person seminar (excludes accommodation and travel expenses) and the Practical Assessment (either in-person or via video conference), for an additional fee.
  • The  Muscle Tuner™ Specialist Trademark License once you pass a proficiency evaluation with one of our Trained Experts.

It is time to showcase Muscle Tuning™ as a valuable part of a wellness program. These skills are essential because of their role in helping people gain more strength, flexibility and range of motion to maintain a healthy body.

With your prior experience we expect you already know that muscle balancing works to increase performance and may even decrease recovery time from fitness routines and injury.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: Upon your purchase, access to the Program will be granted after [email protected] receives a copy of your qualifying certificate.
(You may send a PDF or photo - whichever is easiest for you!)

Muscle Tuning™ - Switch-On Muscles First!