Coaching with Denise


Muscle Tuner® Specialist FOUNDATIONS PROGRAM
Small Group Coaching with Denise

If you like the synergy of group coaching, this is the right product for you.

One hour sessions, currently offered tri-monthly.  This purchase entitles you to drop in to attend up to nine sessions over three consecutive months.

The agenda is largely driven by participant questions, with bonus content added by Denise which will up-level your-skills. 

Price includes any applicable taxes within Canada.


Personal Coaching with Denise

If you like privacy and laser focus on your individual needs,  personal  coaching is the right product for you.

This is also the best option to develop your skills with any of the additional Muscle Tuners programs, as Denise will not answer questions relating to content outside of the Foundations material during group coaching sessions.

One hour sessions.

Available as a single session purchased when required, or billed as an ongoing monthly subscription at a reduced rate until you choose to cancel your subscription.

The monthly subscription option is for committed individuals only. It entitles you to two personal sessions per month, and will be booked at a consistent and mutually agreeable time.  Rescheduling will not be tolerated. Miss a session? Too bad, so sad.  However, if a serious personal need occurs, a rescheduled date will be accommodated to the best of Denise's ability.

Agenda is driven by your individual needs, with bonus content and/or refined application tips added by Denise.  Up-level and master your skills with customized content shared with you based on Denise's extensive background in bioenergetic healing arts. 

Price includes any applicable taxes within Canada.


Custom rates are available for virtual group coaching for your team. 
In-person coaching will be available again after the pandemic ends.
Please enquire.