Introduction to Muscle Tuning Oct. 2022

October 11th at 9 am or October 27th at noon Pacific Time

Wellness providers who attend this one-hour experiential webinar will discover how to:

  • Tune Up EIGHT of postural muscles for greater strength and ease of movement
  • Support the body's meridian flow and organ function without acupuncture needles
  • Engage the parasympathetic nervous system for greater and faster response to bodywork (ie: massage, physio, chiropractic...)
  • Improve focus and concentration
  • Reduce tension / pain

After the event, you will receive a multi-page PDF showing you the positioning and testing of these muscles and the location of their reflexes so that you can repeat the process whenever you desire. We believe you will treasure a one-minute technique that stimulates integration of primary neuro-muscular pathways and enhances outcomes of your sessions, regardless of your modality. You'll want to bring this technique into your practice!

The Muscle Tuning System is recommended for: 

  • Individuals who wish to help themselves and their clients age gracefully; improve vitality; increase strength; develop better physical function; reduce tension and pain.

Questions? Click here: [email protected]