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From students:

Denise and Heather, I love what I'm hearing. Everything has been so easy to use and follow. Love that you can go back and re-watch anything that you may have missed or need extra help with. 

I also really enjoy the your Facebook group as a way to air questions that we might have. Or perhaps areas where we are having difficulties.. I find it helpful to hear other people’s input and perspective. 

Love your regular Office Hours video conferences.. it’s similar to FB group, but being live just gives you a chance to get to know our peer group. Questions come up when speaking in open forum that may not come up in FB. Sometimes it's hard to type questions, so voicing them is helpful.
- Denise Armenio

I enjoyed the Professionalism Module because it had good tips. I have no background on working with clients so learning about professional manner is very beneficial for me.
- Trenton Stone VanderKooi

Three words to describe my experience? Interesting. Fun. Game Changing!
Not only was this a great anatomy review, I now have so many more tools in my tool box to assist my clients during a massage treatment! 
- Melissa Miller

I really enjoyed the whole course - especially having access to the two of you and all your knowledge. You are both amazing! I'm feeling encouraged, confident and excited as I take my first steps towards building a client base.
- Laurie Peel

Thank YOU for making a quality program to follow along.  Loving the videos. 😊
- Joyce Bunner

I am happy to see all of the support that you are offering. The smoothness of the introductory module relieved any concerns about how the following modules will function.
- Jean Oberstadt

Oh, my goodness I love Muscle Tuning! I am so excited to be making such an incredible difference in people’s lives.... click for more...
From a student's client:

My experience with Muscle Tuning has been great. My result was feeling of enhanced well-being, movement and coordination. Also, Darcy Lewis worked wonders on greatly reducing my foot pain.
- Pam

My session with Alison Zeidler was incredible! I have no other words to describe it. A few years back I experienced some neurological issues. It appears that my peripheral vision was affected and I did not notice. A few seconds after Alison worked on me, I was like: "who turned on the lights?" this is incredible! I had also developed a mild limp on my right leg which was also immediately reduced. She even picked up on the fact I was dehydrated that morning with so much running around I did not get a chance to drink water!
- Eliana C.
From colleagues:

Your demonstration of one of your techniques at our national conference regarding the muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia was great!  I use that technique a few times a week and the results are excellent.  I've never had a technique to work with fascia, tendons, ligaments before.  Many happy people are now out of pain and it's because of you...
- C. Frank
Denise is one of the great cheerleaders for modalities that utilize muscle-testing and has done so much for the growth and awareness of this profession. She is also the consummate professional…both as a practitioner and an instructor. With her desire to always learn more and expand her horizons, Denise brings a deep knowledge and understanding to her teaching – and presents it in a manner that makes it easy for the student to absorb and learn. What else can you ask for in an instructor?
A dynamic, knowledgable, easy to understand instructor who makes learning exciting and fun!
- Adam Lehman, En.K.
  Director - Institute of BioEnergetic Arts & Sciences
  Developer - Holographic Touch for Health, Integrative Wellness Facilitator Training 


Presentation Attendee Shares:

After I left Heather's presentation at the Journey to Success Conference in Oakville last week, I was at a golf tournament and a friend of mine walked over to me.  I saw she was really limping. I asked Janet what the problem was. She told me she had twisted something in her hip. I asked her on a scale of 1-10 how painful was it? She answered it was about a 7.
I said: “Okay, can I touch you? It’s not magic, it’s a technique I just learned from Muscle Tuners International.” Then we joked a bit while I used my fingertips to rub up and down on her spine all the way from the top of the neck down to the tailbone for a couple of minutes. Then I looked at her and asked how she felt now. She said: “Oh my God! The pain is gone. What did you do to me?” I told her it’s something called 'Circuit Breaker Reset' and I’ll send you the link to their free download.
- Virginia Tamblyn

Foreward by Charles T. Krebs in the Foundations Program Manual:

Get ready to unlock your client’s true sports and physical potential with Muscle Tuners International’s Foundations Program, as very few athletes actually operate at 100 percent of their potential. This is because of factors that block the full expression of our potential and which are largely subconscious in origin. Using direct muscle biofeedback or muscle testing, these factors can be rapidly assessed and then corrected using the same muscle biofeedback, eliminating blocks to performing at your Peak/Best.
Many factors directly affect our performance, for instance, various automatic Reflexes that operate outside of our conscious awareness often compromise our performance outcomes.  However, these “hidden factors” can be easily and quickly assessed for integrity of function, and re-integrated using seemingly simple manual techniques. 
Merely applying acupressure to only one or a few acupoints can totally reset a number of muscle imbalances “turning back on” a whole Reflex and unleashing full performance potential.
Muscle Tuners International Training will permit you to work with complex factors affecting health and performance potential. 
“I highly recommend this Training to anyone interested in both assisting people to achieve their personal best and/or over-coming many chronic problems.
The satisfaction and joy you feel as you see clients fully experience their true potential makes this work so fulfilling, you can hardly call it work!”
  • Charles T. Krebs, Researcher-Harvard Medical School, Founder of the Life Enhancement Acupressure Protocols, Author of three books and International lecturer in Neurology and Alternative Therapies. 


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