Tuning with Surrogates Module Details

Our videos covering over 4.5 hours of webinar recordings accompany a full colour 92 page, fully indexed manual and numerous PDF downloads.



Theory & Manual Review
1:28:25 video length

Theory and Demo of Surrogating for Another Person
1:09:33 video length

Theory of Inaccessibles and Valves
30:02 video length

Demo of Working with Inaccessible
29:44 video length

Demo of working with other sturctures
17:04 video length

Wrap Up
41:51 video length 


What a wonderful and well put together supplement manual/video you put together for us to use. 
I have to say that using the Surrogate Manual with my clients has been life changing in how I practice. I am more aware of the body's anatomy that could be otherwise challenging or impossible to assess. I wouldn't have been able to significantly help one of my clients if I had not taken the Surrogate Course. I found and balanced an eye muscle and a specific scalene neck muscle. She was very happy with the results. The manual is a beautiful colored resource. Denise's series of videos made it super easy to follow along then replicate in a session. Thank you!

Joyce D. Bunner - Muscle Tuner® Specialist