Professional Programs

Muscle TunerĀ® Specialist Foundations

Are you searching a way to identify yourself as someone who gets results fast? We can help with that!

Here is the convenient and easy way to develop muscle testing skills in order to release pain and increase strength and function for your clients and yourself quite rapidly.

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Tuning Gaits (Improve Walking/Running/Standing)

This process usually reduces chronic muscular pain and increases the effect and durability of other body work / physical  therapy treatments.

Help yourself and your clients greatly improve muscle function, balance, and coordination for greater endurance, stability and pain reduction while standing, walking and running.

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Mastery Programs

(these require bio-energetic / manual muscle-testing experience)

Fine Tuning

Designed for Muscle Tuner® Specialists or those who have a background in Touch for Health®. Access more muscles, more theory.

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Tuning with Surrogates

Designed for Muscle Tuner® Specialists and those who have a background in Touch for Health®.  Extend your skills without limits.

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Tuning Reactives & Beyond

Apply Reactive Muscle Protocol theory to Meridians or combinations of Meridian / Muscle and more!

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