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Muscle TunerĀ® Specialist

Do you enjoy helping people release pain and perform everyday movements?

Would you appreciate methods that help your clients develop strength and flexibility faster than ever?

Searching for an interesting way
to market your services and grow your business?

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Specialist Preview

Free preview selected clips of our program to explore the learning platform. 

Get a peek at a few videos and snag a tip or two. Link is good for 7 days.

Be sure to contact us with any questions we will be pleased to discuss how to add this service to grow your business.

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Tuning Gaits

Help yourself and your clients greatly improve muscle function and coordination for greater endurance, stability and pain reduction while standing, walking and running.




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Additional Professional Programs

(require some bio-energetic or manual muscle-testing experience)

Fine Tuning

This Program has been designed for Muscle Tuner® Specialists or those who have a background in Touch for Health®.

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Tuning with Surrogates

This Program has been designed for Muscle Tuner® Specialists and those who have a background in Touch for Health®.

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Tuning Reactives & Beyond

Reactive Muscle Protocol simplified for TFH® students. Apply this theory to Meridians & Meridian/Muscle combos!

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Products for Every Body

Energy Boost Five Series Free Tips

So simple, so helpful. We want you to have these. Use daily. Notice a difference.





Win the Pain Game

An online program that includes an optional immersion weekend, 6 sessions over 12 weeks in "The Freedom Club". Discover your personal Pain Blueprint and unique Pain Relief Plan. For more information go to:

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Happy Feet = Happy Body

For self-care. Improve your physical coordination and mental focus for greater endurance, stability and pain reduction. 


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Release Recharge Realign

Bring the physical aspect of your body into alignment with your mental and emotional aspects. Realign yourself to things that matter in YOUR life.


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Energy Boost Self Care Facilitator

Would you like to present Self Care techniques to online and in-person audiences? Access our templates and resources so that you can promote your services. Sign up for Win the Pain Game and get the Energy Boost Self-Care Faciliator Certificate after completion.

Teach and Practice Self-Care

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