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We have technology around making muscles behave better than they otherwise would.

It's like tuning musical instruments ... but ...
for muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia!


We train and support you so that you can have the pleasure and satisfaction of seeing clients increase physical strength, flexibility AND reduce pain practically instantly.




Gains In Performance &  Faster Recovery

Become a Muscle Tuner™ Specialist!

(Wait to hear to Shantell's remarks at the end of the video)

Introduction to the Muscle Tuner™ Programs

Consumer Products for Every Body

Energy Boost 5 Tip Series - FREE

Videos and downloads describe tips for the General Public to improve their energy throughout the day. ...

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Energy Boost10™ Techniques

After you check out the five free tips, learn ten techniques that can help your energy and vitality. We get lots...

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Energy Boost Self Care Program - Facilitating Vitality and Resilience

Become a Facilitator for Wellness! Energy Boost Self Care sets up the body for daily resilience and vitality. I...

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Products for Professionals

Muscle Tuner™ Specialist Program

Do you want an interesting way to introduce yourself? Do you want to create a loyal client base? Do you w...

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Muscle Tuner™ Bridge Program

This Program is the same as the Specialist program but the price is reserved for Touch for Health graduates or e...

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Additional Professional Programs

Tuning with Surrogates

This Program has been designed for Muscle Tuner™ Specialists and those who have a background in ...

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Fine Tuning

IN PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT. TO BE RELEASED BY SEPTEMBER 2019. This Program has been designed for Muscle Tuner&trade...

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Heather Phillips, HBPE
Muscle Tuner™ Specialist

Heather Phillips, HBPE, is an author, speaker, mentor, Director and Vice President of Muscle Tuners International Inc. and the current volunteer President of the CanASK. She is a Muscle Tuner™ Specialist and teaches the Muscle Tuner Specialist program in addition to Touch for Health® and G.E.M.S. She is a Member of CanASK, the Holistic Chamber of Commerce, Company of Women and a Lifetime Global Member of FemCity.  She provides business insights to the organizations she is involved with and the participants of the Muscle Tuner™ Specialist Program.


Denise Cambiotti
Muscle Tuner™ Specialist

Denise is passionate about teaching people how to get great results using muscle testing. She's the President of Muscle Tuners International Inc. with 2,500+ hours of specialized training and numerous certifications to teach basic-to-advanced health and wellness workshops. She has distilled and synthesized key concepts into condensed programs such as the Muscle Tuner™ Specialist Program. She is regularly complimented on her clear and concise delivery style. Denise has over 19 years of clinical experience in helping people instantly strengthen muscles, improve function and reduce pain. She generously shares her wisdom and experience to those who attend her programs.

Be Strong. Be Confident. Be Tuned.