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Muscle Tuners International has an affiliate program for those who make referrals to our programs and rewards their time and effort for doing so. Signing up as an affiliate and promoting this company in your newsletters, emails, website will bring passive income into your life and greater physical comfort and ease into the world.

Our Professional Programs¬†educate health and wellness providers to offer Muscle Tuning‚ĄĘ services either in-person or virtually. Muscle Tuning methods benefit body therapists, energy healers and fitness professionals who wish to¬†provide their clientele long-lasting solutions for muscular pain or lack of vitality, coordination, strength, flexibility and¬†range of motion.




Muscle Tuner¬ģ Specialist Foundations Program

Our flagship program has been professionally produced and is accessed online combined with a full colour manual which is mailed to each student. We live to train, mentor and license individuals in becoming Muscle Tuner¬ģ Specialists. This course is intended to support a full time career and¬†complement one's current offerings in the wellness space.¬†

Newcomers to the world of bioenergetic-style muscle-testing can complete the program in as little as 24 hours of study. Our customers value their permanent access to rewatch content to increase their proficiency.

A significant benefit of successfully completing the entire program is that our customers¬†can promote themselves as licensed Muscle Tuner¬ģ Specialists. This helps them stand apart in the field of body work and wellness because the¬†trademark clearly markets what they offer.

Another feature that makes us unique is unlimited live weekly support.


Tuning Gaits Program

This class has no pre-requisites and is perfect for any body therapist or fitness trainer. Evergreen access to lessons includes 38 videos totalling approximately 2.75 hours plus a full colour 43 page downloadable PDF manual.

Clearing gait imbalances helps with chronic pain and healing concussions. Plus, it increases balance and coordination which is of interest to athletes, seniors and their care providers.

Covers: Relevant muscle tests and corrections; Demonstrations (full approach and shortcuts); Self-care.


Fine Tuning Program

This mastery class gives evergreen access to 74 short, well-organized recordings (8.5 hours) which accompany a full colour 110 page, fully indexed manual and PDF downloads. 

Highlights include: Proprietary corrective techniques; Shortcuts; Modes for tricky problems; Stacking; Hidden issues; Unlocking deep back, abdominal, hip and shoulder muscles involved in reactive muscle patterns; Harnessing postural reflexes; 38 muscle tests for the torso, elbows, wrists, hands, fingers, hips knees and toes; Durable corrections; Postural imbalances, Tips on giving effective demonstrations; Unique corrections customized to every client.


Tuning with Surrogates Program

This mastery class takes clientele to the next level because it can access and support any area of the body. Fabulous for athletes, seniors and those wishing faster physical rehabilitation after injury. 4.5 hours of post produced webinar recordings accompany a full colour 92 page, fully indexed manual mailed to the student, plus PDF downloads.

Content includes: Deep muscles related to Spine, TMJ, Pelvic floor, Intrinsic muscles of the eyes; Ligaments of the spine, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, pelvis, hip, knee, ankle. Plus, explanation of how to access unlimited other areas and how to clear stress from all these tissues. Invaluable.


Tuning Reactives and Beyond Program

This mastery class takes to topic of reactivity seriously. What to do when one area de-activates other areas. Evergreen access. 3 hours of video organized in convenient chunks. 

A crown jewel technique to relieve chronic muscular pain and which may also help other types of pain. This is an excellent review for people who have studied Touch for Health¬ģ but have avoided using this technique. We make finding reactive muscle combinations fast and easy.¬†

Plus, we show how to extend this skill into the body's energy field by identifying and clearing reactive stress from chakras and auric fields.


As of July 2024


Muscle Tuner¬ģ Specialist Foundations Program
Prerequisite: none

  • per 1st to -10th paid referral: $200 CAD / $150 USD
  • per 11th to-15th¬†paid referral: $275 CAD / $200 USD
  • per 16th to 20th¬†paid referral: $325 CAD / $250¬†USD
  • 21st+¬†¬†paid referral: $400 CAD / $300 USD


Tuning Gaits Program
Prerequisite: none
Each paid referral: $115 CAD / $90 USD



Our Mastery Programs greatly extend prior knowledge and expand skillsets for those who are already competent with muscle-testing:


Fine Tuning Program
Prerequisite: competency with muscle-testing
Each paid referral: $115 CAD / $90 USD


Tuning with Surrogates Program
Prerequisite: competency with muscle-testing
Each paid referral: $115 CAD / $90 USD


Tuning Reactives and Beyond Program
Prerequisite: competency with muscle-testing
Each paid referral: $40 CAD / $33 USD 


Tuning Gaits for Touch For Health¬ģ¬†Graduates Program
Prerequisite: Touch for Health¬ģ
Each paid referral: $40. This program is the same program as our Tuning Gaits program but has been steeply discounted to recognize prior TFH learning. 




By signing up as an affiliate you aren't expected to get into any sales conversations. Just direct your contacts to have a look at the website by providing them with your unique affiliate link found in your dashboard after you register. Let your contacts know to contact the company / Denise Cambiotti with any questions.

Once registered, you will be directed to a dashboard for share links and swipe copy you can borrow to craft your marketing messages. In addition you will also find a wide selection of graphics for various social media platforms and emails. 

When your contacts sign up for any program, the system tracks them as being referred by you and you will receive the referral fee.

In case you want to check the marketing content before signing up, notice the GOLD 'Click Here For Marketing Resources' button below. We wish to make it as easy for you as possible to market our programs!

Use the PURPLE 'Click Here to Register' link below to sign up. All that is required is your Paypal email address and your contact details.




  • We require you to have¬†a PayPal account to receive¬†your payment.
    Paypal is the safe, convenient way to make payments worldwide. It's free to set up. We issue commissions in $CDN for Canadians and $USD for individuals living outside of Canada.
  • Payout time varies based on¬†whether your contacts choose a payment plan. We strive to issue your thank you fee within four weeks of full payments.
  • Your contacts must use your¬†unique link¬†so we know who to attribute the sale to.
  • Locate¬†your affiliate¬†link anytime by returning to this page (link can be found at the bottom of any of our website pages) then¬†clicking the¬†green button near the bottom.



Contact Denise Cambiotti, Director¬†of Muscle Tuners International Inc. at: [email protected].

You may call or text: 1-604-936-5463
(note: this is a Canadian number based in Pacific Time. Carrier rates may apply.)

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