Muscle Tuning Services Increase Job Satisfaction, Client Referrals and Cash Flow

Affiliate Referral Program

Muscle Tuners International Inc. is a progressive company that believes in rewarding individuals and organizations for their referrals and values their time and effort in doing so.

We appreciate promotional efforts and provide a financial thank you when your referrals purchase any of our programs.

Our Professional Programs¬†educate health and wellness providers¬†how to offer Muscle Tuning‚ĄĘ services either in-person or virtually.

Our flagship program trains and mentors individuals in becoming Muscle Tuner¬ģ Specialists¬†so that they can significantly help at least 75% of their clients notice¬†less pain, improved physical function, greater range of motion, flexibility¬†and strength nearly instantly. This can be accomplished in as little as 24 hours of study.

Our Mastery Programs enhance the results for those who are already competent with muscle-testing.

Muscle Tuning methods are used to greatest benefit by body therapists, wellness facilitators and fitness professionals who wish to provide their clientele with solutions for muscular pain or lack of vitality, coordination, strength, flexibility and range of motion.


  • Payouts¬†vary based on the program chosen by your contact and whether they choose a payment plan.
  • We reserve the right to delay¬†payouts if they are¬†less than $10.
  • Your contacts must use your¬†unique link to access our website to purchase their desired product so that we know who to attribute the sale to.
    Locate your unique link anytime by returning to this page and clicking the green sign in button at the bottom of this page.
  • We require you to have¬†a PayPal account to receive¬†your payment.
    Paypal is the safe, convenient way to make payments worldwide and they handle foreign exchange rates fairly. It's free to you to set up. We issue commissions in $CDN or $USD depending on the currency chosen by the buyer.

We have different levels of compensation due to varying administrative costs for each program. Payouts are typically made within six weeks of the purchase (payment plans may delay some payouts).

Muscle Tuner¬ģ Specialist Program
$1,997 CAD / $1,723USD
Commission will be net of tax and calculated as follows:
1st to -10th paid referral = 10% commission
11th to-15h paid referral = 15% commission
16th to 20th paid referral  = 20% commission
21st to 25th paid referral  = 25% commission
26th+ up paid referral = 30% commission

Fine Tuning Program
$373 CAD / $295 USD
Tuning with Surrogates Program
$297 CAD / $235 USD
Commission will be net of tax and calculated as follows:
Each paid referral = 40% commission

Tuning Gaits Program
$263 CAD / $207 USD
Tuning Reactives and Beyond Program
$107 CAD / $83 USD
Commission will be net of tax and calculated as follows:
Each paid referral = 50% commission

Webinar Events
ie: Body Tuning for Wellness 1 hour bi-monthly
$50 CAD
Commission will be net of tax and calculated as follows:
1st to -10th paid referral = 30% commission
11th+ paid referral = 50% commission

By signing up as an affiliate, you do not need to get into any sales conversations. Just direct your friends to have a look at the Muscle Tuners website and have a conversation with Denise by providing them with your unique affiliate code that is assigned when you register. When they choose to sign up for a program, the system tracks them being referred by you so that you will receive commission(s).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at: [email protected].¬†We're here to serve!

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