Three Secrets of the Body - Combining Eastern and Western Approaches for Pain Management

energy pain recovery Jun 25, 2024


The human body is a marvel of engineering, capable of exquisite coordination of movement, equilibrium, and strength. This article explores a holistic approach to pain management that not only provides relief but also improves posture, physical movement, and overall wellness. It’s about a fusion of ancient acupuncture wisdom, physiology, and the modern science of manual muscle testing.

The Power of Acupuncture

Acupuncture has long been appreciated for its ability to alleviate pain. This ancient practice stands apart from traditional Western medicine by focusing on the body’s subtle-energetic patterns, often referred to as ‘chi’ flow. Acupuncture theory recognizes the interconnectedness of various factors such as how mind and body are connected so closely that what affects one aspect will also affect the other. Ancient observations have stood the test of time and underpin a system that reaches beyond the immediate site of pain. It considers an individual’s unique blueprint when determining the plan of care.

The Role of Meridian Pathways

Meridian pathways which carry the ‘chi’ energy throughout the body play a pivotal role in this approach. These pathways follow the intricate network of fascia. While modalities concentrating on releasing fascial tension are popular for pain reduction, they often fall short when they only address localized pain. It’s similar to clearing debris stuck in a stream but as the flow continues downstream this debris can pile up in other areas. In acupuncture theory, blocked energy flow is analogous to ‘pressure caused by this debris’ which contributes to pain, lack of vitality and is believed to lead to illness over time.

Richard Gerber, MD in his book ‘Vibrational Medicine’ has much to say about the acupuncture meridian system as a diagnostic interface as well as a therapeutic interface. He describes several studies utilizing microscopic and nuclear imaging which have revealed their structure. These studies have also confirmed the flow of subtle energy contained within these tiny tubules which has been called ‘chi’ in the Orient for thousands of years. 

Clearing Meridian Blockages

The good news is that blockages in meridian channels can be removed. Even beginners can accomplish this without using acupuncture needles simply by applying fingertip pressure at specific points. It is a gentle approach for clearing many challenges.

The skill is in knowing where to apply this pressure. This is where the tool of muscle testing is incredibly helpful.

Applied Kinesiology (AK) — Bridging Science and Energy Healing

In the 1960s, researchers in Applied Kinesiology (AK) extended research involving muscle testing that was based upon Manual Muscle Testing developed by physiotherapists in the 1930’s. Physiotherapists had written about and expanded upon observations made by others beginning as early as the 1880’s.

It involves exerting pressure on a limb positioned in a manner that puts a muscle into a contracted state and isolated from its synergists as much as possible. Then, pressure is applied in the direction of its range of motion. The facilitator and the subject both observe whether the muscle can be optimally positioned or not, and whether it locks (appears strong) or unlocks (appears weak) during the test.

Some AK research included finding the connections between the nervous system and acupuncture system through observations made using muscle testing with scores of subjects.

Connection Between Muscles and Meridians

As a body geek, I find it fascinating that AK chiropractors discovered that muscles are linked to meridians and that meridians studied in the Orient for thousands of years nourish organs and glands. This means that muscle states may reflect the state of the meridian and its related organ and vice versa.

It’s known that muscles are affected by electrical signals conducted by the nervous system. Meridians are also electrical in nature as they are affected by positive and negative polarity. Meridians are found overlaid upon muscular structures — along fascia. Relationships have developed between them.

The empirical knowledge collected by AK doctors is extensive. One of their most notable contributions in my humble opinion, is their exploration of the connections between problem areas and the acupuncture meridian system.

Part of their research identified specific acupuncture points that when stimulated, would bring energy to unlocked ‘weak’ muscles and cause them to ‘lock’ when tested again.

Here’s an analogy. Think about muscles as lightbulbs on a single string of old-fashioned holiday lights. When one ‘bulb’ goes offline the whole string goes dark. The string in this scenario is the meridian system. Dealing with faults on the string restores energy and allows all the muscles on the same circuit to shine unless they have individual issues of their own. Wouldn’t it save hours of frustration during the holidays if we could rapidly identify which darkened bulb is the troublemaker? It’s interesting that the musculature of the body works similarly.

Understanding this electrically based relationship can revolutionize traditional approaches such as physical therapy and massage therapy. It can save hours of ineffective efforts applied at the wrong place. This knowledge can also be leveraged by anyone who works in the field of wellness and fitness.

A Holistic Approach to Chronic Pain

For those dealing with chronic pain, it’s crucial to understand that the source of the problem is not usually at the site of pain!

Muscle testing, particularly the style known as bioenergetic muscle testing, in combination with understanding principles of meridian energy flow, offers valuable insights into areas contributing to the problem that were previously unobserved and therefore unaddressed. By finding and supporting these other areas, muscle function and comfort improve. The process increases ‘chi’ flow along the meridian resulting in restored harmony in muscle relationships, reduction in discomfort and oftentimes, a sense of exceptional well-being.

Unlocking New Results With Muscle Tuning™

An integrated system known as Muscle Tuning™ has been developed by the author who has synthesized her studies spanning over twenty years. In keeping with the title of this article, it combines eastern knowledge of the meridian system with the western approach of bioenergetic muscle testing, along with new proprietary methods. This empowers wellness professionals with a system that rapidly alleviates physical discomfort and enhances physical function with just a few weeks of study and practice. This service finds and releases trapped energy and helps people regain their wellness as rapidly as possible.

Key Takeaway

The combination of ancient acupuncture theory and bioenergetic muscle testing that grows on the shoulders of AK research offers a practical way of dealing with of pain. It reaches beyond the symptoms to address root causes and offers insight into providing lasting relief and enhanced well-being.

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