Tune Ups For Your Feet

Are you in a Healing Profession? Do you enjoy going home at the end of the day knowing you provided great value for your services? Do you ever wish that you could give even more and have the results of your sessions last longer?

Is there anything more valuable to your clients than feeling confident about not falling when walking? Or perhaps they would value having better physical coordination? Or more enduring results from chiropractic and massage therapy?

A single Muscle Tuning session ended my client's public embarrassment as a result of experiencing a mild neurological injury. He walked as though he was drunk. He landed himself in a patch of brambles while simply picking a berry. He fell down a small hill when walking the dog, wavered when standing at work and had challenges when taking public transit. It was tiring hearing people ask if he was okay. Never mind the consequences of falling down the stairs at home!

If the process taught in our Tuning Gaits program can help him, imagine what it can do for your own clients. There are many benefits around taking this training, but my favourite is the job satisfaction you will experience when you see the results for yourself.

Here is a link to a short video and a helpful graphic demonstrating how anyone can get started at improving coordinated gait movements. Taking just a few minutes, this simple activity helps with stability, physical coordination and increased vitality.

Do you enjoy providing great value for your services? If you have ever wished that you could give even more then take a look at this program because it includes training in muscle testing to identify and correct specific neurological imbalances which will improve your client outcomes.

The Tuning Gaits program is a treatment approach that will complement your services and can provide amazing clinical outcomes.

Book a Discovery Call with me to learn if challenges you have in your business could be solved by mamrketing yourself as a licensed Muscle Tuner® Specialist who applies the Muscle Tuning system.

 By the way, my promise to every customer is to never leave them trying to figure things out on their own. If you need questions answered, I'll be here.

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