New in 2020:
Happy Feet = Happy Body (self-care)
Win the Pain Game (self-care)
Tuning Gaits (professional)
Tuning Reactives and Beyond (professional)
Fine Tuning (professional)


and in 2021:
Tuning Your Goals
Tuning Your Business
Tuning for Physical Coordination


Muscle TunerĀ® Specialist Program

Do you enjoy helping people release pain and perform everyday movements? Would you appreciate a new approach; t...

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Bridge Program for Professionals

The online content of the Bridge Program is exactly the same as the Foundations Program however due to the pande...

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Preview Muscle TunerĀ® Specialist Program

Enjoy a FREE short preview of select modules for seven days.  Do you want clients to notice an imme...

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Tuning Gaits Program

This professional level program teaches a key activity for helping oneself and others feel greater physic...

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Fine Tuning

This Program has been designed for Muscle Tuner® Specialists and those who already have solid manual muscle ...

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Tuning with Surrogates

This Webinar Program has been designed for Muscle Tuner® Specialists and those who have a background in...

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Tuning Reactives and Beyond

Do you believe in the crown jewel technique of clearing reactive muscle stresses in order to relieve chronic pai...

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Energy Boost 5 Tip Series - FREE

So simple, so helpful. We want you to have these. Use daily. Notice a difference. Videos and downloads describe tips...

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Win the Pain Game - The Basics

You are in the right place if you want to have less pain in your life and believe your body has the answers, if you c...

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Happy Feet = Happy Body Program

Would you like to experience greater endurance, stability and less pain? Discover how, along wi...

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Release | Recharge | Realign

Helpful lessons to empower your wellness journey. What you'll get: 12 posts  - each contains a ...

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Personal Coaching with Heather

If you like personalized coaching, this is the right product for you. This purchase entitles you to four privat...

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