12 Years of Pain GONE After Two Sessions!

pain success stories Aug 30, 2019

Approximately 12 years ago I suffered a right shoulder injury. I had done everything from acupuncture to massage as well as everything in between. My doctor stated it was not bad enough for surgery. However, I lived with pain every day of the year. Some days it was quite excruciating while others not so bad, but always, the pain was there. 

I met Denise of Muscle Tuners International and was incredibly skeptical about what she did and how she did it. She demonstrated her skill during a Networking event on another set of muscles on me and it was one of those 'mind blown' experiences. 

I made the commitment to give it a try, after all, what did I have to lose after 12 plus years of pain? With high skepticism going in for the first session, I found at the end of the session the shoulder felt better than it had in the last 12 plus years, but there was still some pain. She had also tuned some other muscles. As a result, I had one of the best workouts of my life at the gym. Felt stronger, more balanced and not as sore afterward.

Went for the next session. The next day, I woke up pain-free for the first time in 12 plus years on the right shoulder. I had a full range of motion of the shoulder for the first time in 12 plus years. I was able to lift without any discomfort in 12 plus years. The rest of the body also felt the best it has in a very long, long time. 

Physiotherapy could not help me, acupuncture could not help me, chiropractors could not help me, massage therapy and my own doctor could not help me. However, Denise doing Muscle Tuning in two hours did more for my quality of life than anyone else has in the past 12 plus years. 

What is frightening is Denise can show all of the above professionals how to do it for themselves so that their patients, like me, do not have to live in the pain I was. Therefore, I am encouraging those in the health business to call this lady. You can do amazing things for your clients and have them lead a functional, productive and worthy life quicker. The only question then becomes do you want to help your patients, or not? 
I'm sure Denise will take your call.

Thank you Muscle Tuners International and especially thank you, Denise.

Joe da Silva
Still pain free  
p: 778-839-0905
w: joedasilva.ca
e: [email protected]

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