Three Secrets of the Body - Combining Eastern and Western Approaches for Pain Management

energy pain recovery Jun 25, 2024


The human body is a marvel of engineering, capable of exquisite coordination of movement, equilibrium, and strength. This article explores a holistic approach to pain management that not only provides relief but also improves posture, physical movement, and overall wellness. It’s about a fusion of ancient acupuncture wisdom, physiology, and the modern science of manual muscle testing.

The Power of Acupuncture

Acupuncture has long been appreciated for its ability to alleviate pain. This ancient practice stands apart from traditional Western medicine by focusing on the body’s subtle-energetic patterns, often referred to as ‘chi’ flow. Acupuncture theory recognizes the interconnectedness of various factors such as how mind and body are connected so closely that what affects one aspect will also affect the other. Ancient observations have stood the test of time and underpin a system that reaches beyond the immediate site of pain. It considers an...

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The Missing Link for Permanent Muscle Pain Relief

pain rehabilitation Mar 18, 2023

Understanding Muscle Tightness Issues –  Are You Aware of ‘Over-Facilitation’?

Living with chronic muscle pain can be frustrating, especially if traditional approaches like heat / ice therapy, hydration, stretching, anti-inflammatory agents, or massage and other therapies provide only temporary relief. Are you a therapist who serve clients who struggle with chronic pain due to muscle tightness?

A good number of therapists are frustrated when tight muscles will not release despite their best efforts. This is because there are underlying causes which they might be unaware of.

Muscles that are resistant to relaxation are usually over-facilitated, meaning they are working harder than necessary to function normally. This occurs when they have lost their bandwidth to perform their work. They begin to ‘borrow’ energy from nearby muscles which can result in the ‘borrower’ developing an over-compensated state. The situation involves the agonist,...

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Pain - More Pressure Than You Think

muscle testing pain Oct 15, 2022

The body is an absolute marvel of engineering. This article will discuss perspectives for pain management that also contribute to improved posture, physical movement, and general wellness.

Acupuncture is well known for treating pain. This approach is different from traditional western medicine as it embraces working with the body’s subtle-energetic patterns (‘chi’ flow). This art considers factors from areas at a distance from the pain and takes into account each individual’s unique blueprint when mapping their plan of care.

Meridian pathways move ‘chi’ throughout the body and follow the network of fascia. Modalities that focus on releasing fascial tension are also popular for reducing pain. However, when users of such systems focus just around the area of pain, relief is usually short-lived. 

‘Chi’ energy flows along microscopic channels throughout the body. This has been scientifically proven with radioactive studies. Each...

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Why is This Method So Fast?


Sometimes an injury is slow to heal and it takes longer for your client to recover than you would like. Maybe you have noticed a body part doesn’t function as well as it did before a strain or an accident has occurred.

Time and a conventional approach to therapy doesn’t always work. If this is the case, you need a different strategy so that clients achieve the results they want sooner.

It may interest you to know that in about 60-90 minutes over 50 muscles from head to foot can be checked to see if they are communicating with the brain optimally, along with resetting any that need to be tuned up. It’s wonderful to find and fix troubled muscles before your clients bend down to pick up a proverbial paperclip and ‘suddenly’ can’t get up again.

Because the body is electrical in nature, when there has been over-use, a strain, or other injury, the nervous system will often pop a ‘circuit-breaker’. Numerous muscles may seem...

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Strengthen Your Legs

If you do Lower Body workouts and notice sore legs the next day, you should rub these important reflexes before leaving the gym. I especially love using a narrow soapy loofah on these in the shower as soon as I get home. This activity helps push lactic acid out of your muscles and enhances the lymphatic flow for your thighs.
If you wish you could progress with your training faster and start doing more squats or pushing heavier weights in the hack rack, or simply get out of that chair more easily, rub these beforehand (yes, the effect will last long enough if you do this in the privacy of the rest room before going out on the floor!) #MuscleMondays #SwitchOnMusclesFirst


Be Strong. Be Confident. Be Tuned!

- by Denise Cambiotti 
© 2020  Muscle Tuners International Inc.

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Are You Affected by Shoulder Pain? Self Care Tips!!!


Are you affected by shoulder pain?

Many people develop shoulder pain at some point during their lifetime. While some discomfort can be a result of a sport injury or over-use, there are a significant number of people who simply seem to 'wake up one day' with severe limitation of their range of motion in one shoulder. 

This article is to provide the general public with tips that may help. We will be working with a few techniques for one of four rotator cuff muscles. The Supraspinatus muscle is considered the 'master key' that unlocks a lot of discomfort. If you are a wellness professional, you might like to know you can accomplish astonishing results by properly facilitating the coordination between the four rotator cuff muscles with techniques we teach in our Muscle Tuner® Specialist Program. We call the process: Muscle Tuning™.

How can you drain stress out of the shoulder area? 

  1. First have a good sip of water or two....
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Observing Muscle Imbalances From Afar

muscle tuning pain runners Jun 04, 2020

I was walking in the woods this morning while three joggers passed me.

It was interesting to observe them because each jogger's running mechanics was noticeably different from the others. 

The middle jogger was perky, upright, toes forward, shoulders back, making running look effortless.

The one on the right had her feet turned noticeably outward as she ran. 

The one on the left had completely different mechanics with her arms a-swinging awkwardly along with corresponding effort from her legs where the feet seemed to loop outward before each heel strike. 

What did this tell me?

The jogger on the right probably has flat feet and will likely develop foot pain from running. I say this because outward foot turn often indicates the anterior and posterior tibialis and peroneus muscles are not firing properly. These muscles support foot arch and ankles. There's probably also involvement from the lateral hamstrings, adductors...

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12 Years of Pain GONE After Two Sessions!

pain success stories Aug 30, 2019

Approximately 12 years ago I suffered a right shoulder injury. I had done everything from acupuncture to massage as well as everything in between. My doctor stated it was not bad enough for surgery. However, I lived with pain every day of the year. Some days it was quite excruciating while others not so bad, but always, the pain was there. 

I met Denise of Muscle Tuners International and was incredibly skeptical about what she did and how she did it. She demonstrated her skill during a Networking event on another set of muscles on me and it was one of those 'mind blown' experiences. 

I made the commitment to give it a try, after all, what did I have to lose after 12 plus years of pain? With high skepticism going in for the first session, I found at the end of the session the shoulder felt better than it had in the last 12 plus years, but there was still some pain. She had also tuned some other muscles. As a result, I had one of the best workouts of my life at the gym. Felt...

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3 Self-Care Techniques = Massive Results

flexibility pain self-care Aug 30, 2019

I’ve been telling people all week that everybody can be stronger and have less tension, PRONTO by using our techniques. This Thursday evening I was given another opportunity to prove this belief.

I arrived 10 minutes early for a group coaching session and one of the attendees asked for my help because he couldn’t move his head. Seemed pretty serious because it  barely rotated an inch off of center. You could see he was sitting with a lot of tension in his back and shoulders and his face didn’t look too happy either. It seemed pretty uncomfortable so I agreed to see what could be done before the class began.

I chose three of our among our greatest home-run techniques.  First I thoroughly performed the ‘Circuit Breaker Reset’ for about two minutes. This is a quick-fix for increasing flexibility in the spine. Then I did the ‘Neck Tension Release' for another two minutes because ear cartilage contains numerous postural...

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Rave Review for New 'Fine Tuning' Program!

What a GREAT way to start the New Year. Especially as we're hip deep in producing our next Program. Check out this testimonial:

"You may remember when we were at the last Muscle Tuners International seminar, you asked me to do a little experiment regarding the foot pain problem I shared with you. You mentioned it was a preview to the technique we're going to learn in the Fine Tuning Program. I did it and am happy to report it made quite a difference in the pain level. In fact, I no longer need to take anything for the pain!

I’ve had this foot pain for 14 months now, and it was very, very slowly getting better. After using the technique you suggested, I had a real jump in the speed of recovery. I estimate it would’ve taken me at least a couple of months to get the same amount of improvement I got from applying this technique just twice over a few days!

Thanks so much for suggesting I try this - I’m super happy with the results!"

- L.P.

- Denise Cambiotti
© 2019...

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