Three Secrets of the Body - Combining Eastern and Western Approaches for Pain Management

energy pain recovery Jun 25, 2024


The human body is a marvel of engineering, capable of exquisite coordination of movement, equilibrium, and strength. This article explores a holistic approach to pain management that not only provides relief but also improves posture, physical movement, and overall wellness. It’s about a fusion of ancient acupuncture wisdom, physiology, and the modern science of manual muscle testing.

The Power of Acupuncture

Acupuncture has long been appreciated for its ability to alleviate pain. This ancient practice stands apart from traditional Western medicine by focusing on the body’s subtle-energetic patterns, often referred to as ‘chi’ flow. Acupuncture theory recognizes the interconnectedness of various factors such as how mind and body are connected so closely that what affects one aspect will also affect the other. Ancient observations have stood the test of time and underpin a system that reaches beyond the immediate site of pain. It considers an...

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Breathe Deeply for the Next Three Minutes

energy self-care tips May 06, 2020

Most people take breathing for granted. As Muscle Tuner® Specialists, we pay attention to breathing habits.

• Deep breathing is one of the best and certainly cheapest ways to lower stress. When you breathe deeply, it sends a message to your brain to calm down and relax. The brain then forwards this message to your body.

• Shallow breathing causes the body to produce adrenaline. There are enough other stressors in our day not to add one more, so learn to breathe correctly.

• Why punish our precious adrenal glands? When there's a good supply of oxygen, our adrenals in particular understand they are not required to prepare the body for 'fight or flight'.

• Deep (diaphragmatic) breathing properly oxygenates the body which is essential for numerous functions including metabolism and energy production
((= fat burning!)

• Dr. Sheldon Deal, D.C., says: "We live on the bottom of a sea of energy. When we breathe, it is a form of breathing in some of this...

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