3 Self-Care Techniques = Massive Results

flexibility pain self-care Aug 30, 2019

I’ve been telling people all week that everybody can be stronger and have less tension, PRONTO by using our techniques. This Thursday evening I was given another opportunity to prove this belief.

I arrived 10 minutes early for a group coaching session and one of the attendees asked for my help because he couldn’t move his head. Seemed pretty serious because it  barely rotated an inch off of center. You could see he was sitting with a lot of tension in his back and shoulders and his face didn’t look too happy either. It seemed pretty uncomfortable so I agreed to see what could be done before the class began.

I chose three of our among our greatest home-run techniques.  First I thoroughly performed the ‘Circuit Breaker Reset’ for about two minutes. This is a quick-fix for increasing flexibility in the spine. Then I did the ‘Neck Tension Release' for another two minutes because ear cartilage contains numerous postural reflexes that affect tension in the neck. He started looking happier as his neck was now already turning at least 70 degrees more than before.  Then we performed ‘Power On Your Brain’ routine for another minute. He was very happy that his neck wasn’t frozen any longer and also mentioned his headache also instantly went away.

Two hours later when we disbanded the meeting, he smiled as he demonstrated to everyone how easily he could turn his head from side to side. This everyday activity wasn’t appreciated by anyone else because they didn’t see how stuck it was before they arrived. But HE sure LOVED the freedom to move and the speed it took to achieve it.

You can add these techniques to your wholistic care practice, and we encourage Every Body to use them on yourselves regularly.

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- by Denise Cambiotti 

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