Are You Affected by Shoulder Pain? Self Care Tips!!!


Are you affected by shoulder pain?

Many people develop shoulder pain at some point during their lifetime. While some discomfort can be a result of a sport injury or over-use, there are a significant number of people who simply seem to 'wake up one day' with severe limitation of their range of motion in one shoulder. 

This article is to provide the general public with tips that may help. We will be working with a few techniques for one of four rotator cuff muscles. The Supraspinatus muscle is considered the 'master key' that unlocks a lot of discomfort. If you are a wellness professional, you might like to know you can accomplish astonishing results by properly facilitating the coordination between the four rotator cuff muscles with techniques we teach in our Muscle Tuner® Specialist Program. We call the process: Muscle Tuning™.

How can you drain stress out of the shoulder area? 

  1. First have a good sip of water or two. This step is important. 
  2. Evaluate the amount of discomfort from 0 (none) to 10 (lots).
  3. Next, we have to get the brain's attention that there is a problem. Do this by moving your shoulder in ways that just begin to activate discomfort. The best activation activity for the Supraspinatus is to simply lift your arm forward and out on an angle, though you may experiment with lifting it straight forward and to the side as well.
    DO NOT do anything that increases pain more than a small amount. Your brain circuits just need to notice 'there's a problem here'.
  4. Immediately activate the reflexes on yourself as shown on the images below. 
    Do this by RUBBING firmly but not painfully on the areas marked with a red slashes and dots for at least 30 seconds each. 
  5. Move your arm again and see if you can get it a little further than the first time. Your brain circuits might still be shouting that 'there's still a problem here'.
  6. If so, repeat step 4. RUB those reflexes again... doing so gently but firmly.
  7. If any discomfort remains, and if you are able to reach any of the reflexes while moving your arm around at the same time... do so now on the side of the discomfort.
    Activate the ones on the front and back for 30 seconds each. 
  8. Re-evaluate the amount of discomfort you are now feeling compared to the measurement you took at step 2. 
  9. If there is any discomfort remaining, the next activity you can do is to HOLD your fingertips LIGHTLY on the points shown on the skull. DO NOT RUB. Wait 30 seconds. 

Did you notice a change? For some people these reflexes are amazingly effective and we hope that you get significant relief from doing the process outlined above. If not, there is still hope for you, and we'd recommend that you find a Muscle Tuner® Specialist to help you.  

Be Strong. Be Confident. Be Tuned!

- by Denise Cambiotti 
© 2020  Muscle Tuners International Inc.

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