7 Ways to Increase Your Productivity

tips Apr 15, 2021

Someone recently  asked me how I seem to show up happy, stay organized, and get things done. I realized there are 7 top things that contribute to my being able to achieve that pretty regularly:

  1. Waking up with gratitude to have at least one meaningful purpose for living today.

Appreciation and gratitude are powerful sources of energy. Having a purpose helps in completing things you start. 

  1. Regular meditative activities and increasing my positive state

Many successful and happy people encourage us to take time for meditation. There are many forms of meditation. Explore, experiment and find a method that helps still your mind and access your innate talents.

In addition to meditation, I regularly take time to notice my ‘state’. I have learned a few ways to reduce negative states and nourish a positive state. I ensure I begin each day with an activity specifically intended to boost me up, put a spring in my step and add a sincerely happy lilt to my voice. I repeat when needed – don’t we all need a bit extra help to stay positive some days?

  1. Maintaining brain integration

I am blessed with an innate ability to focus, concentrate and make good decisions most of the time. I’m trained to help clients achieve this with a modality called LEAP Brain Integration and I make time to do some self-care with this modality from time to time or visit a colleague who can help me.

  1. Coaching and accountability partners

I was lucky to find a coach who took the time to understand my business and what I am working to achieve. I do the work assigned. I recommend getting the right professional in your corner to identify and teach you processes you need to learn, consult with on growth plans, keep you on track not only week by week but with the year ahead in mind, and help celebrate your successes. They help you hold your vision when you just want to go hide in a cave.

Sometimes a coach is enough. The right accountability partner however, can be a gem because little commitments successfully met continuously add up to great achievements over time.

  1. Using organizational systems

I created a customized “Habit Tracker” form with daily and weekly objectives for measuring behaviours that should produce results. These include business as well as health and joy activities. Reviewing the tally each week forces me notice when I’m slacking in activities I have chosen as being key important behaviours as well as reinforcing when action equals payout.

Using the “Eisenhower Box” system properly causes me to repeatedly sort tasks in order of importance and urgency and provides me a daily plan and an overview of what I need to tackle this upcoming week and month. It also provides a place to list those things I’d like to do some day when more resources or a specific opportunity presents itself. This reduces the distraction of working on more enjoyable, simpler, or quicker tasks until after the priorities of the day have been completed. I will admit, I don’t always use this tool ‘properly’ but it constantly guides my overall objectives and keeps important ones in sight!
I have a favourite app on my computer which is completely customizable and allows me to record everything I need to keep track of regarding customers, prospects, and project planning. I love this tool because I can easily drag records from one area to another and can set alerts for certain tasks that MUST be done by a specific time.

These three tools encourage me to choose tasks thoughtfully. They make it easier to say no to ways I could be spending my time fruitlessly.

  1. Regular therapy appointments

Different providers help me release built up stress in body, mind and spirit. I visit naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, medical doctors, bioenergetic practitioners or body workers as needed, plus I schedule regular sessions with a clinical counsellor.
In addition to unloading stuff I don’t want to lay on friends and family members, the greatest value I’ve received in meeting with a counsellor is the opportunity to recognize how much personal development I’ve accomplished from quarter-to-quarter and year-to-year. It’s been a pleasure to notice a positive shift in the ratio of ‘current challenges’ compared to ‘latest successes’ that are discussed in all areas of my life.

  1. Time with friends and by myself

Whether socially distanced or visiting virtually, taking time to have meaningful conversations with friends allows me to share things that are important to me, exposes me to interesting new ideas, and helps to keep me fairly sane.

With all that being said though, time by myself necessary for me to recharge my batteries.


Simply summarized, my ability to perform well is directly tied to minimizing mental, emotional and physical stressors. Taking time for self-care, getting external support and using systems that work for me, allows me to be more creative, productive and happy!

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by Denise Cambiotti 
© 2021  Muscle Tuners International Inc.

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